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We’ve moved more times in our years than I care to remember, but while unpacking (again) a few months ago I came across a pile of old license plates from our various states of residence. I love barn stars in just about every possible incarnation of the theme but this one is probably my favorite!
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Gillian Grimm lives in Charlottesville, Virginia where she balances writing, cooking and crafts with eight chickens, two kids, a dog, a cat and a husband. As the daughter of a Journalist, she grew up all over the United States, switching schools, towns and newspapers every few years and loved every minute of it! I started looking and now I think I’ll have to find a few more license plates just so I can tackle more than one of these crafts!

She now works as a freelance writer, primarily in the craft industry but with a few forays into travel writing, narrative non-fiction and educational matters.

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