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My truck did not come with the diagram that shows what the fuses are for in the black box under the hood.
Mind you, the type of setup we’re looking at here is ideal for street use- Track-Day Suspension for Mustang will be coming soon in a separate feature. Eibach Street, R1 and R2 Coilovers are very popular choices for those opting for coilovers, but there are many choices available including options from BC Racing, KW Suspension, ST Suspension and Vogtland. Named for the French Panhard company that invented it in the 1890’s rather than any sort of function, the Panhard bar (aka panhard rod) is designed to limit lateral movement.
While more expensive than a panhard bar, it’s the superior method of keeping your axle centered.
By combining the upgrades listed above, you’ll have a lowered Mustang that will handle better than stock and let you really enjoy every curve the road can throw at you. Share On TweetNick GregsonNick Gregson was born in Long Beach, CA and grew up exposed to the booming car-culture scene in Southern California at the dawn of organized Drifting in the United States.

Stay up to date on the latest Best Mods guides, customer builds, product reviews, and much much more! Do not remove spark plug wires from the distributor or spark plugs while the engine is running.
You can clean up the wheel gap by dropping the car a few inches with either a set of Lowering Springs or a set of Coilovers. The lowered stance of the car skews the rear suspension geometry, leading to poor acceleration and wheel hop. Modifying your suspension will make every drive that much more rewarding and allow you to push into that corner harder.
After learning to drive, he became personally acquainted with the best backroads of Southern California, including Mulholland Raceway, Glendora Mountain Road and Ortega Highway behind the wheel of a red 280ZX. By relocating the rear control arms, rear squat is improved, rear-dive under acceleration is drastically reduced and traction is enhanced.

Years after learning to go fast on the street, Nick went legit and began racing in sanctioned autocrosses in 2005 and raced in a 1987 BMW E30 328E at the 2010 24-Hours-Of-LeMons at Buttonwillow. Eibach’s Sportline Lowering Springs are an incredibly popular option, but Hotchkis Sport Coil Springs are also a great choice. Thanks for reading, and we hope this has given you a better idea how to get the most out of your Mustang’s suspension. If you’re after a more aggressive drop, want a greater improvement in handling or just something better than springs, coilovers are the way to go.

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