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Verispy is the quickest and easiest online method to perform a criminal background check using the best industry and government directories. Verispy is an extensive online resource center for anyone trying to verify and check people records. The Verispy program is beneficial for those people who are looking for lost family members, friends, or even former school or college mates. The other category of people who can use the services of Verispy are individuals who are being harassed by unknown persons using certain phone numbers, email addresses or even certain physical addresses. The Verispy service can also be used by lawyers and other professionals to check on details about property records, asset information, court records and marriage or divorce records. The working of Verispy is quite simple and straight forward, you fill in a brief and easy to understand online form; depending on the type of information you are seeking. The service has over 1 billion records in their nationwide search system; this allows them to have unlimited lookups, giving them access to data from multiple databases around the country.

Click on the image icon below if you would like to learn more on how to sign up for Verispy today.
Jamokah is an information based company providing digital media product reviews to web based consumers. You may be entertaining a business relationship but you need to know more in order to take the next step. The site allows users to do marriage search, birth record search, a criminal records check, a peoples search and a background check.
It can also be used by new acquaintances keen on doing some background check on each other for a variety of purposes; this category may include business associates or lovers who are still trying to find each other.
Employers can also use this service to do background checks on new and prospective employees, in an effort to verify that they have clean records and are trustworthy.
If for example, you are doing a background check on someone; all you key in is the first name, last name and the state where you think the person comes from.

You may choose to purchase just a single report or get unlimited monthly access pass to be able to run reports on multiple people within our member’s area. All these services can be provided once the concerned party gives brief details about the person they are trying to verify. The kind of information usually required before any verification is performed can either be, the email address, the physical address, the phone number (mobile or land line) or the name. A combination of the above mentioned details can also be used to retrieve this information.

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