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Greg Webb, owner of Packey Webb Ford in Downers Grove, is concerned about recent thefts from his dealership's parking lot. Gregg Webb, owner of Packey Webb Ford, said each of his five dealerships lose an average of about $10,000 a year as a result of theft and vandalism.
When asked what security measures are in place, Webb instead listed potential problems with each approach. One solution he has employed, however, is removing in-dash GPS systems from new vehicles and locking them in a safe location. Webb said police in towns with dealerships along Ogden Avenue probably "spend hours taking reports like mine," but said it's not always worth reporting claims to the insurance company. Officials at nearby dealerships, including Ogden Lincoln Mercury and Ogden Chevy of Westmont, did not return messages Tuesday afternoon. If you've looked into purchasing a new car recently, we likely don't need to tell you prices are plenty lofty.
As a result, the average transaction price has inched skyward even in the face of an uncertain economy and escalating fuel prices. Reported comments and users are reviewed by Autoblog staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week to determine whether they violate Community Guideline.
Choose up to 3 vehicles to compare side-by-side on price, features, performance, cost of ownership and more. Guide to the latest ADAS offerings, including Blind Spot Monitoring, Turn Assist, Backup Collision Warning and more. A study by Comerica Bank shows that the average purchase price of a new vehicle went up $300 in the second quarter versus the Q1, bringing the average transaction price to $26,300. Comerica says that the reason the average purchase price rose in Q2 is that customers were buying more expensive cars. This report incorporates the latest data on consumer spending on light vehicles and on the terms available on auto loans.

Between Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley and Bugatti, the Volkswagen Group has no lack of prestige marques under its umbrella. That may be a slight exaggeration (we'd have expected three yachts and one jet), but it puts things into perspective: Bentleys are for the one percent.
With only about 20 units left to go, the Veyron is about to roar off into the sunset, after which Bugatti will introduce its replacement sometime late next year or early in 2016. Americans are driving their vehicles longer, as the average age of vehicles has nearly hit 11 years, according to a new study by Polk.
According to a report in The Detroit News, there are other reasons for the change, including a decline in the number of miles driven last year and improved resistance to rust and corrosion. Michael Dale of the Westmont Police Department, however, said he reviews the department's reports daily and hasn't seen a rash of thefts or vandalism at dealerships.
In addition, small cars now carry significantly more content than before and prices to match, and crossovers just keep getting more and more popular. Accounts are penalized for Community Guidelines violations and serious or repeated violations can lead to account termination. The upward swing in prices came at a time when the average household income remained stagnant. That's a bit odd in such a down economy, although lower overall sales could mean that customers who would normally purchase lower priced vehicles stayed out of dealerships altogether. And while some of these marques may produce models that compete against each other, each seems to be profitable enough in its own right to justify its existence. Blame a wretched economy and more reliable modern automobiles, but cars and trucks continue to stay on the road much longer than they did 15 years ago, when the average age was just 8.4 years.
Regardless of the reason for the record-setting age of our American fleet, the news has the auto industry salivating at the prospect of boom times ahead. We know that Autoblog readers have more cars than the average consumer, so join our poll below by answering how old your daily driver is.

Buyers have proven none too wary of optioning B and C-segment vehicles well above MSRPs typically seen on mid-sized fare, and used car fleets are thin, raising prices and pushing buyers toward new cars instead. The lower interest rates and higher transaction rates tells us that automakers are likely offering more 0% financing offers, which typically replaces heavy rebates in return for a lower monthly payment. This reading is up 0.3 of a week, thereby representing a slight deterioration in affordability compared to the prior quarter. In addition to Texas, Comerica Bank locations can be found in Arizona, California, Florida and Michigan, with select businesses operating in several other states, as well as in Canada and Mexico.
Which only goes to show why it's taken Bugatti over eight years to sell 450 Veyrons – a number of units it would take Bentley about two weeks to move, albeit at about one tenth the price. The National Automobile Dealers Association is predicting that new vehicle sales this year will hit 13.9 million. While buyers are currently looking toward smaller, less expensive and more fuel-efficient models, overall vehicle sales have jumped ahead of the rest of the slowly recovering economy.
According to CNW Marketing, consumers now routinely option a vehicle to within 86 percent of the fully loaded cost. Comerica Chief Economist Dana Johnson feels the average vehicle transaction price will ultimately come back down in Q3, due in part to the success of Cash for Clunkers. In addition, manufacturers are keeping production more in line with demand, resulting in significantly scaled-back incentives. The total cost of buying and financing a new car rose, however, due entirely to the fact that consumers chose to buy more expensive cars on average. The average price of a light vehicle purchased in the second quarter rose by $300 to $26,300.

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