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Seminole Auto Salvage opened its doors in the mid 80’s and has been providing quality used auto parts ever since. If you are unable to find the part or parts you are looking for, Seminole Auto Salvage can help you locate what you are looking for with our nationwide parts locator service. Visiting a typical junk yard because you need certain part for your vehicle can be a nightmare. Unlike other auto salvage yards that are messy, dangerous and inefficient, Gagel’s Auto Parts provides refurbished and used auto parts already removed by a professional mechanic. When sudden car problems leave you stressed and stranded, avoid the hassle of crawling through a dilapidated junk yard by contacting our supportive staff who will be more than glad to find the exact part you need for the make and model of your vehicle.
The salvage yard keeps a rotating assortment of odd and interesting cars near the front gate.
To contrast Arrow Auto Salvage with an average modern salvage yard, we need to think of these two as a neatly organized library and that crazy book shop run out of some guys house. The modern salvage yard, like the library, has a refined catalog of their inventory making it easy to extract only what you want in an efficient manner.
Best as I remember, they didn’t have frames and were just bare cabs without mechanicals.
In 1982, between jobs and wives, I found a 1964 Grand Prix with 421 Tri-Power at this yard. The point is, I suppose, that to own a yard like this you must be patient and not need much turnover.
I see an orange 850 Spider that has been restored and gets driven every so often near work.

Anyway, these are indeed a dying breed, though there are still a few around these parts, most out in the boonies, but not so far from civilization however. The problem with modern, well-run salvage yards (like the one Murilee profiled over at TTAC) is that they turn over cars quickly. It would be nice if someone could combine the efficiencies (inventory, responsible disposal of fluids, internet sales) of a modern operation with keeping rare vehicles a long time. Freeway Auto Salvage Inc buys and sells cars and trucks, and offers a 24 hour towing service in Sturtevant, WI and surrounding areas. Auto Salvage and Towing Sturtevant, WI - Freeway Auto Salvage Inc©2010 Yellow Book USA, Inc. Seminole Auto Salvage is a modern recycling facility specializing in late model Domestic and Imported cars and trucks.
Walking up and down rows of dead and deteriorating car bodies, stepping in oil and gas puddles, risking the chance of injuring yourself when attempting to remove a part and finally, spending hours looking for a part and never finding it.
Located near Bonners Ferry, Idaho, this old-school junkyard is very unlike most of the rather sanitary high turnover operations currently in business.
Cars are simply strewn about the hills and trees in vague rows as if they had fallen out of the sky one day.
On prominent display during the day of my visit was a sunburned, yet savable Fiat 850 Spider and an engine-less Karmann Ghia.
But why does the truck in the top right of that picture look like it has back – to – back cabs? Located in Sturtevant, WI, and serving both the Racine and Kenosha areas, we maintain a large inventory of used vehicles, including cars and trucks, and offer sales of used auto parts.

Our auto salvage team and friendly staff is here to answer any questions you may have about our products and services.
Unfortunately, the only other alternative is spending hundreds of dollars for a new part which, for most of us, is an alternative we simply cannot afford. Gagel’s Auto Parts promises to have you back on the road within hours of purchasing any used car part that has been stored safely and inventoried in our warehouse. Some cars look like they could be resuscitated by the mere addition of a fresh battery while others are bare, cannibalized hulks awaiting death.
The little Fiat was remarkably rust free and pulled on my heartstrings like a puppy in need of a home.
These yards are waning in number and remain great sources of wonder for those of us who like to browse rows of junked vintage cars and dream of adopting one for our very own garage.
I was over sixty years old when I last visited and remember seeing vehicles I knew from junior high and high school.
Other notable residents included two-stroke SAAB’s, a pair of Lancia Scorpions and a few inter-war work trucks. Didn’t find it but came close to pulling the trigger on a complete 49 or 50 studebaker pickup with (iirc) a flathead six.

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