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When you need column-free space for your car or truck dealership, a Robertson building will provide the clear area and flexible layout required. It’s been along time since automotive dealerships felt the need to hire more employees. During the economic down slope many dealerships have learned how to contain themselves on bootstrap budgets. Architectural designs and faster construction mean your beautiful building is open for business sooner. Over the past 3 years jobs have been slashed, dealerships have closed and production of automobiles has been reduced.

In Huntington Station, NY at the Habberstad Auto Group, dealers are relying on improvements in technology to compensate for the lack of physical bodies. A wide array of exterior material finishes can provide a unique look for your auto dealership or maintenance-repair shop project.
To give you and idea of how bad the situation was, according to NADA figures for 2009, employment at U.S. I just hope that all this caution doesn’t lead to a loss in customer service to the end consumer. However now, thanks to a slightly improved economy and increasing vehicle sales it looks like things are finally beginning to look up.

The sale of compact and economy based vehicles has been on the rise, which means that some dealerships are now finding the need to hire on more people. However now, with factories projecting a 10% sales increase they are looking to hire additional salespeople as well as service advisers.

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