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Apart from the incredible V8 soundtrack and the nice video work, this clip is a great one to watch thanks to Lloyd’s commentary. The car gets high marks for its brutal power, quick handling, incredible transmissions, and racecar levels of downforce. He talks about a lot of the subtleties of driving this car hard, and he can explain those slight differences and feelings better than I have seen in a video review yet. There are some complaints about how you can feel the voodoo computers working their witchcraft at the absolute limits of the car, but otherwise it’s all good on track.

This one comes to us straight from Yahoo Autos, and what makes it better and more amazing than most is the host. If you prefer more road focused reviews, they do hit the street at the end of the day too, and I am pleased to report that Lloyd likes the car even more there.
Cars may be removed from an auction immediately before auction start, making them unavailable for purchase. Considering a resume like that, it’s safe to say he knows his way around a track, so that is where he takes this new American supercar: to the venerable Road Atlanta, to be precise.

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