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The diverter valve is a component of your Passat’s turbocharger, and its job is to divert and release boost when the throttle is closed.
While driving, you’ve inevitably noticed a “psh” sound come from under the hood of your Passat—this is the sound emitted by the diverter valve when it’s working correctly. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, here’s a step-by-step explanation on how to go about the very simple process of replacing your failing diverter valve. Lift the vehicle with the jack utilizing the double pinch welds located underneath the lower rocker panels (i.e.
Once the vehicle is at an appropriate height, secure the car with jack stands and ensure it’s sturdy. Locate the three hex bolts holding the diverter valve in place, and remove them using your 5mm hex key.

Once it’s broken loose, remove the diverter valve and inspect the orange or teal colored rubber diaphragm for damage. Secure your new diverter valve in place with the same three hex bolts, and reconnect the wire.
Make sure the bolts are tightened securely and the new diverter valve is properly seated up against the turbocharger. Without the diverter valve, pressure can bounce off the closed throttle plate back to the turbo’s compressor wheel, stall it, and potentially damage the turbo. OEM diverter valves are made of plastic and utilize rubber diaphragms inside that are susceptible to tearing with age. It has a single release, so simply use your thumb to release the clip and slide the connector off.

If the diverter valve is not sealed properly there’s a possibility of another boost leak or an oil leak. If this occurs again, consider purchasing a “revision D” version diverter valve, which utilizes a piston style valve instead of a rubber diaphragm. It is a small black square with one wire plugged into it, held in place by three hex bolts. If for some reason it doesn’t, just take it to a local auto parts store that provides free scanning service and they can clear the code for you.

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