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Israel Radio military correspondent Carmela Menashe reports this morning, Monday, 20 Shevat 5772, that a law intended to abandon a soldier who is AWOL (absent without official leave) in actually appears to be a double-edged sword. A recent case involving a soldier on leave, who was injured in an accident, is not covered by the Defense Ministry’s rehabilitation benefits.
Menashe explains that to the best of her understanding, the law is used simply to save the government money. On the other hand, as a vacationer he is a soldier under the law, bound by IDF law, and Menashe is questioning how the military is permitted to ignore soldiers on leave for as long as they are officially carrying IDF identity cards as active members of the military. Attorney Oded Savorai, an expert in the field, explains the law was intended to address AWOL soldiers and he is calling on the Knesset to amend the law.
This also applies to ‘lone soldiers’ who frequently receive a month’s vacation to permit them to travel abroad to visit family.
Menashe concluded that the defense minister and chief of staff must compel lawmakers to address this loophole in the law, which was only discovered as a result of a soldier who applied for assistance that he thought would be forthcoming.
A use case diagram can be used to describe the usage requirements for a system from an external point of view.
This selection enables us to set a context for the diagram that we are creating so all the created model elements in the diagram will belong to this selected model element.

In this example, we suggest that you mask visibilty on communication links for practical reasons.
In the Diagram style editor, check "Show label" to show the label of the communication links. You can hide the line visible in the use cases (the line is used as separator for inner elements).
Press on the "Alt" key and left-click on the object to which you want to apply the properties (repeat the step 3 as many times as needed).
Finally, it is just a question of graphically moving the objects to the right positions and choosing the right size for them. In addition, it has been learned as a result that if a soldier is on vacation and takes ill, he does not have health insurance as a result of the law.
He explains that if a soldier on leave is involved in a vehicular accident, he simply has no coverage and he will be left to address his medical care and rehabilitation on his own. In the left list, select "use case" (which is under default) and then select "Association" in the right-hand table and click on the little arrow on the left of Association to see the graphic properties of Association. It also pertains to death chas v’sholom — that is to say if a vacationing soldier is killed or takes ill after 14 days on leave, there is no coverage.

This can be useful for other users if you want to share your project or even for you yourself if you want to generate documentation or simply to remember why you have created this diagram. This means in the case of death, the family is not recognized as a ‘bereaved family’ and does not receive benefits. By default, this option is activated and a visibility container is present (even if it is not directly visible). Menashe recommends that until such time the law is amended, soldiers and officers should not take more than two weeks vacation. The visibility container appears sometimes when you try to click on the communication link so it can be a little disturbing.

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