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When contemplating purchasing a classic or antique car or truck, locating and decoding the vehicle VIN number is a necessary step in due diligence. Researching the VIN or the old serial number of an antique car or truck will also help you determine the vehicles value.
Buyers can determine if trim tag numbers, engine code identification number, and rear axle identification numbers are consistent with the original make and model as advertised.
VIN numbers (serial numbers) on antique automobiles can be found at different places on the car or truck depending on the make. Did you know that Chevrolet, Ford and other automobile and truck models didn’t use VIN numbers on their vehicles prior to about 1955?
Early serial numbers did not include nearly as much information about the car model and mechanics like today’s. If you’re contemplating spending a large sum for a vintage vehicle then you certainly may decide to use a for pay research site. Vin Plates and Hull Plates Published May 31, 2010 Machine Plates Online can make plates for cars, boats, trailers, tractors, or other machines you may be restoring. These plates can be used by restorers to replace plates that have been damaged or lost over time. Plates are made to meet legal requirements, however each state has different rules on what is required for vin plate replacement, and some may not allow replacements at all.

We will NOT replicate plates for late model vehicles, so if you are a thief, please don’t waste your time, or ours. 1966 Ford Ranchero, 200 6cyl engine, 3 speed trans, Solid and straight body, New seat, carpet and door panels, needs headliner, dash pad recovered and front brakes adjusted. A VIN numbers has codes and the VIN codes will tell you a lot about the vehicle you’re looking at. Depending on replacement parts which may or may not have been added to the vehicle, the true market value could vary significantly.
This would suggest that the vehicle as it is today has all the parts on it as at the time it rolled off the assembly line.
VIN locations might include the door post, the dashboard, the engine or perhaps the steering wheel post.
The fourth through eighth character tells a lot about the type of car, it’s chassis and model. It is the responsibility of the person ordering the plate to determine if your DOT will approve its use.
You must tell us the size, hole placement, what text you want on the plate, in the order you want it. In general they were shorter and of course were not standardized until the early 1980′s.

You could assume that if the parts have different numbers stamped on them that they are not original. This plate or serial number essentially identified where the vehicle was manufactured (each factory had a different number), what month it was built and the series from which it came off the assembly line. The ninth digit is called a check digit which essentially is added for redundancy and to catch any identification errors that may have occurred in the letter and number sequence.
Like most things, some of the for pay sites allow you to do deeper research which may be well worth it. If you are a restorer we will need to see an actual plate, or scanned image of a plate before we can determine if we can match it. Have clear Colorado title, Vin tag on door is gone, Factory stamped vin # is on Radiator support. The research involves matching numbers and letters to a particular manufacturers stored database.
Many are missing and because some of the early models were built with wood frames the car number plate would often disappear with the deteriorating wood.

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