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Safety Officers – responsible for safe operations on the fireground and insures injuries are reported and documented. Shift Commander Suburban  - Deputy Chief responsible for the North and South response areas and personnel. Ambulances (BLS) - An ambulance staffed with 2 EMT's operating in the capacity of an Emergency Medical Technician providing prehospital care. Squad Unit - A Squad is an EMS unit that consists of two paramedics, usually in a suburban or other vehicle that responds to an incident to administer advanced medical care. Technical Rescue Trucks - The primary purpose of the Rescue unit is to excavate and rescue.
Evacuation Boats - Placed into service during times of high-water, primarily used when there are a large number of people trapped in high waters.

Rehab Truck - This special piece of equipment  is designed to re-hydrate firefighters and can be called for use by captains and district chiefs to an incident. Mobile Ventilation Unit – This special piece of equipment is used to disperse large volumes of smoke within a designated area.
Firefighter Trainee or a Cadet, civilian being trained at the HFD training academy to be a firefighter.
If you happen to have an old ambulance you no longer want, please get in contact with us immediately.
If they are not needed to actually transport the patient, once a BLS unit has arrived, the BLS unit can take the patient to the hospital.
EMS unit with EMTs   - Engine, Ladder and BLS Ambulance units , the Ambulance is a transport unit.

When responding to a fire, the primary purpose of a ladder is search and rescue and ventilation. When responding to a fire, the primary purpose of a tower is the same as a ladder, but the tower has a bucket at the end of the ladder.

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