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The best replacement technology - Our proprietary TrueSeal™ system guides the new windshield into precise position to ensure the most reliable seal.
Strong repairs - Our exclusive GlassHealer™resin is why our windshield repairs stay stronger and last longer. The industry's only nationwide lifetime guarantee - We are proud to feature the industry's only nationwide lifetime guarantee. Driving home from Spokane last week, I passed a car broken down alongside I-90 with a flat tire.

Change your oil regularly, and use your dipstick periodically to ensure the level isn't low.
Save $15 off replacements with promo code AAAReplace15 or $5 off repairs using promo coe AAARepair5. Safelite® technicians come to your home or office to repair or replace any of your car windows on the spot! The Washington State Patrol says if you run out of gas on I-5, you could be towed immediately.

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