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PDF (Portable Document Format) File: contains the complete digital construction drawings and Copyright Release Agreement for CHP-SG-1596-AA. Note: If you have already purchased a Repro plan Set and would like a PDF File, it is available to you, as the purchaser of record, for 75% off the regular cost. The layouts, concepts, ideas and all content on this website may not be reproduced, copied or utilized in any form or manner whatsoever for any purpose without the express written permission from Carolina Home Plans, LLC. All designs created by Carolina Home Plans, LLC and displayed on this website are strictly protected by copyright laws.

Sculpts I have reproduced into small silicone editions.  Click on each one for more details. I am currently working on new full silicone babies, and will be offering them as they become available. A newsletter will be sent out to notify of any available babies, make sure you subscribe to my newsletter. The information on these web pages is for the sole purpose of reference and is not to be used for construction without purchasing the appropriate construction plan and accompanying License Release Form.

Just enter in your work address and we will show you how long it takes to get there on every property you look at.

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