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Chevrolet suburban - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, The chevrolet suburban is a full-size, extended-length sport utility vehicle from chevrolet. Trucks cars for sale, Scroll down the menu and click on highlights to view descriptions and pictures of trucks for sale. Working trucks – jim carter truck parts, When you want to transport your rebuilt 1937 chevy coupe to more distant shows, what do you use? Old chevy trucks during 2012 national convention of the american truck historical society, we met some real truck enthusiasts that had traveled to the show from. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
Restored PlatesTo and from auto shows, circuses, parades, displays, special excursions, and antique car club (7) The vehicle identification number needs to be corrected. PENNDOT - License Plate Replacement Fact SheetReplacement also will not affect plates of other color combinations (antique, Purple Heart, etc Q: If I buy a new car and do not transfer my plate, will I get a plate with the new design? ANTIQUE VEHICLEHow to Obtain a VIN Inspection from the Kansas Highway Patrol Kansas law divides the titling and registration process for antique vehicles into two categories: 1949 or older, and 1950 or newer.
I have a 283 in there now but the guy I bought it from says the guy HE bought it from installed it from whatever it had before. Guess what Im thinkin is that someone restoring a vehicle could slide an engine in there from another same year truck and claim the truck is a numbers matching vehicle. Note: Between mid-1949 through 1951, a separate small 3100 emblem was placed below the Chevrolet letter plate.
As with all of my vehicles that I have had and those that I still do, I seem to continually turn to Jim Carter for those parts that aren’t always the easiest to find. I bought this very clean truck from a fellow in Spring, Texas who told me he had it in his garage for nine years.

The pictures below are a variety from the time I picked the truck up in Texas to shortly after the paint job.
Inside the gauges are rebuilt, seat covered in gray tweed material, steering wheel restored, and new headliner and floor mats added. The truck does very well at local shows: several firsts, a couple bests of show, and a best paint awards. 559, Government Code, you are entitled to review, request, and correct information a governmental body has on file about you, with limited exceptions in accordance with Ch.
Each of their two mounting pins are in the same place so the punched hood holes were unchanged during these years. It now has just over 15K original miles with the factory Firestone’s still on the truck. In January it will be shown at the World of Wheels in Chattanooga after the interior is finished. Custom door panels, leather bench seat (Caddy) new gauges, console Billet Specialty steering wheel (classic), color matched to outside, new wire harness, hidden wires under hood smoothed firewall.
To stop the beast is a Nova dual master cylinder connected to upgrade Bendix brakes with new lines and hoses.
It was a granny four speed originally, so I collected and installed stock column linkage to shift the newer 3-speed OD.
During a time when I was getting ready to build an addition to my house here in California, I got talked into selling my 50.
I want to thank Jim Carter Classic Truck Parts for always being there with advise, parts and great customer service. Everything is as it came from the dealer, with the exception of the wood in the bed, the exhaust system, and the paint.

The boards in the bed have been painted black and as you can see the exterior is green with white bumpers. Behind the engine is a 1965 3-speed overdrive coupled to a 1959 open drive rear axle with 3.90 gears. Radial wide whitewall tires, gas tube type shocks and a panel truck sway bar complete the handling package. Much of the bed is reproduction metal, but all four fenders and both doors are connected to the original cab. That day finally arrived about 10 years later when I saw my 1948 Chevy 3100 online for sale.
I was lucky enough to find a glass shop right here in Byron that has the old laminated glass for older cars. It was someone’s project and had a few things done to it that were what I had planned on doing to a truck. I removed the wheels to find brand new brake shoes already installed so all I did was adjust the brakes, service the new master cylinder and bleed the brakes. I bought the truck and began the long process of re-doing many of the things that were done half assed. I am still working on replacing window and door seals and door trim then converting from 6 volts to 12 volts system.

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