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The prospective car buyer is already having a hard time importing vehicles, considering the huge tax rate but trust the government to kick things up a notch.
Used cars generally attract an import duty of 25 percent, excise duty of 20 percent and VAT of 16 percent payable cumulatively and in that order. However, the tax platform for the vehicle import sector is already too exorbitant honestly. About UsWe provide auto news, car specs, car pricing and and reviews for vehicles in the Kenyan market. Used cars cape hand car dealers cape town, Used cars and second hand pickup vehicles offered for sale in cape town western cape: used second hand off road wagons and ldv vehicles offered for sale from dealers. Used cars sale cape town reeds motor group, Reeds motor group is proud to offer you the best selection of top quality used cars for sale in cape town tygervalley and n1 city. A new campaign is hoping to stop Manchester students being duped by dodgy second-hand cars dealers by offering handy advice. Julie Middlehurst, Wigan Council Trading Standards and Licensing Manager, has revealed that most of their complaints are about second hand cars. Nationally, the helpline receives around 6,000 complaints each month, with faults being among the most common problems. As part of this campaign, Wigan Council Trading Standards will be visiting second hand car dealers across the borough to ensure they are complying with the law and give them guidance on how best to avoid complaints. Wigan Council has also made free advice booklets available which can be found at the Wigan Life Centre. There are reasons why second hand car dealers have a bad reputation – because too many people have been burnt in the past. Some dealers may be in breach of the law by pretending to be private sellers to evade their legal obligations to consumers, often to off-load unsafe or clocked cars. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. If you were keen on the details of the recently read budget, you would realize that the excise duty bill this year has slapped huge taxes on second hand vehicles.

Higher reference prices obviously mean tax inflation and the ultimate yard price increase for second hand vehicles. Second hand cars are meant to be an economical option for people who are not able to afford new products.
Potential shoppers can review specs, read overviews and view high-resolution images on chosen vehicles. With all of the modern day facilities available to us, from being able to uncover truths in car history and car service, we can ensure a good purchase when we are buying privately. This must be the single most reason why anyone would want to buy a second hand car privately. Because of the amount of ways that a private seller can sell their car today, such as a variety of specialist newspapers and websites, including auction sites, the private car sales market has become much larger than that of used car yards.
With modern day car research techniques and mobile service and car repair companies, it does not matter where your proposed purchase car is, you can get a detailed car history and get it reliably checked on the spot.
Consumers are also over-paying around A?580million a year as a result of illegal clocking, which involves adjusting a vehicle to show false mileage. Government sources claim it is part of the plan to raise revenue for the 2.1 trillion shilling budget. Imports of used vehicles are capped at eight years from the time of manufacture, so most Kenyans push it to the legal limit and ship in seven year old models so they attract the lowest taxes. Previous taxation allowed second car prices to go up to 550,000ksh even if the value was 300,000ksh from the origin. You will always find the price of privately sold cars considerably cheaper than that of a dealer. If you wanted to sell your car fast, you had to take it to a car yard and get what you could. Sure they want to sell you their car at the highest price, but at least you are not dealing with someone who knows all of the tricks of the trade, whether they are good or bad, to convince you to buy the vehicle. Michele Shambrook, Operations Manager for the OFT-managed advice service Consumer Direct, said: a€?Cars are an expensive purchase, so before parting with any money people need to know exactly what they are getting and what they can do if things go wrong.

From this point of view, I agree with the new tax statutes to encourage importers to get newer model years as price is quickly becoming a non issue, every option is expensive. Some reasons like: car's current performance, car model price, car reliability, car features, car current demand in the market etc.
If you are looking for particular car types and if you are interested in buying modified cars, you will find much more variety and range available in the private market. This increases your chance of getting a reliable and un-biased report on the condition of the car for sale. Cars aged 3 years from the first day of registration, and over, will get an excise tax of 200,000 shillings.
The habit of cutting corners and going for the smallest tax alternative is among the reasons why we have a higher percentage of more run down or outdated models than developed countries. What set of circumstances or greater good justifies implementing taxation which is higher than the product price for goods that were meant to be the economical option?
This has meant a radical shift in the market, and the growth of the privately sold car market has been radical and now is dominant.
If someone is lying to you, you can always find out with detailed car histories and other research and buyer protection tools. But as the vast majority of all second hand car faults come to light in the first three months, they will often be the dealer's responsibility to fix.a€™ The OFT saidA  that although most car dealers are reputable it is important that used car buyers take precautions to steer clear of trouble including getting in writing what checks have been carried out on the car's mechanical history and mileage, how many former owners the car has had, whether it has been modified, and a copy of the full service history.The OFT has also teamed up with What Car?
The private seller does not have all the other expenses such as staff, workshop, warranties and utilities. Of course the immediate effect is a price adjustment by the importers of the vehicles on offer which should be between 100,000 and 200,000 shilling depending on make and year.
Reference prices for Toyota and Honda models have risen by 10 and 20 percent effective this month.

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