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The Buick Skylark of the 1960s and early 1970s was the first non-Chevrolet, Ford, or Plymouth volume vehicle to significantly impact the fleet industry. The A-100 line was a family of compact vans and trucks produced by Chrysler and sold under the Dodge brand through 1970. The Cutlass name appeared in 1966, the first year of GM’s new intermediate four-door hardtop sedan.
Produced from 1956-1978 over six generations, the Fury was introduced as a premium-priced, full-size model. Rethinking its position after the first fuel crisis of 1973-'74 that crippled big-car sales, Chrysler created the Cordoba.
The National Association of Fleet Resale Dealers (NAFRD) is managed by the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA), a non-profit organization representing the independent vehicle industry and its members.
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Home Insurance products for motoring enthusiasts who drive imported, modified, classic, veteran or vintage cars. Safety technology has evolved since the standard seat belt was included in most automobiles around the 1960s.
The Mark III Dual Cowl Phaeton show car on display at the 1970 Chicago Auto Show, paid homage to the 1931 Lincoln KB, especially the additional twin windshields for the rear passengers. Which vehicles have “driven” the fleet industry over the decades since Automotive Fleet’s inception in 1961? The van’s cab-forward design was unusual in passenger vehicles, and its totally flat cargo floor was capable of handling many types of payloads.
For 1967, the Cutlass Supreme line was expanded into a full series that also included a two-door hard-top coupe, two-door pillared coupe, four-door pillared sedan, and a convertible.
In 1965, Plymouth created three special Fury models: Fury I was marketed to police and taxi fleets, and Fury II and Fury III were consumer marketed.

The Skylark also met with enough success that it started the trend away from full-size cars to intermediates.
The Cutlass was a larger vehicle than its predecessors with more capability from a fleet perspective, according to GM. Vehicle selectors went from one to three choices to as many as seven or eight possibilities.

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