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Via email, text message, or notification as you wait on our site.Ask follow up questions if you need to. Hello, I am trying to determine the year and size of a Cadillac engine in a '50 Allard J2. Is this thought to be the car that Sydney Allard and Tom Cole drove in the Le Mans race in 1950?. The sequence of the casting number would put it as a later block, but I can't find the number you mentioned.
I won't be able to get the remaining information you need, so I will accept your answer. Tory Johnson, GMA Workplace Contributor, discusses work-from-home jobs, such as JustAnswer in which verified Experts answer people’s questions. I would (and have) recommend your site to others I was quite satisfied with the quality of the information received, the professional with whom I interacted, and the quick response time. These car guys view a Chevy small block under the hood of one of the other Detroit manufacturer choices as an act of automotive blasphemy that is completely unacceptable to them. The concept has picked up some steam in collector car circles because a Ford-in-Ford or Mopar-in-Mopar resto-mod done to the same level as a Chevy-in-either will typically get more money in a collector vehicle auction. We have been to hundreds of car shows and events that celebrate the car culture, so we have been around a lot of people’s reactions to resto-mods. The fact that GM was the king of the car world in terms of sales in North America for many decades meant that many car guys liked their vehicles-and so did their kids, thus the appeal of a 350 Chevy in a Ford, Mopar, Rambler, Studebaker or any other domestic car built over the years since Henry Ford introduced mass production. But hardcore Ford and Mopar fail to see the magic in the 350 engine from a rival, especially a hated rival. The idea of performance engine options has not been lost on Ford or Mopar, so now a resto-mod motor choice can now be purchased from either one of them. In the final analysis, some very solid choices are now out there for fans of all three brands because the name of the game is all-out performance from all of the Big Three in the aftermarket world. And the idea of installing a chevy small block in a Mopar of any vintage fills me with feelings of intense loathing and rage.
There’s an outfit near Sears Point in CA that has made some absolutely gorgeous first-gen Mustangs with epic suspension mods, all the workmanship looks first-class, clearly a ton of effort went into the design and build of their pieces. Coyote with it’s DOHC heads will not even fit many old cars, and the Hemi has iron block. The cast iron MOD stuff can be heavy, and to a lesser extent the DOHC mod motors but Coyote and 3 valve 4.6 motors are every bit as light as an LS motor so only the width issue remains. The one real victim of GM bastardization seems to be the fox body Mustang, go to any track or Super Chevy show and you can at the least count on both hands a Fox car stuffed with a GM motor.

With the vast majority of restomodders removing the shock towers (or at least rendering them unnecessary with the modern aftermarket suspensions they’re putting in) from first-gen Mustangs, the width issue is less of a concern.
A dressed, normally-aspirated Aluminator mod motor comes in at roughly the same mass as a iron-block Windsor engine will. The Coyote is narrower than the original 4V mod motor (this is a good thing), and about the same mass.
Just today at a car show I saw two unconventional Model As…one with an Oldsmobile 324 and another with an early Chrysler Hemi.
My son blew the original Olds 350 in his 70 Cutlass a few years ago and we decided to replace it with a 455.
In most people’s opinion, the F100 reached its finest design in 1956 making it the favorite of the 53-56 Ford trucks. The engine line-up for the 56 F100 consisted of a 223 straight 6 cylinder as well as a 272 V8, though there were 3 versions of the 272 available in 56. Are you saying this is a V-8 cadillac engine with casting number(NNN) NNN-NNNNwhich is equipped with 3X2 1958 365ci intake? The number I gave you,(NNN) NNN-NNNN was in the location you descibe above, between the intake manifold and transmission bell housing, right next to the oil pressure sending unit.
If I had the EUN number on the driver's side rear of block, I could tell you the exact year and displacement.
The General Motors guys are pretty happy to see a 350 under the hood of anything and there are a lot of Bowtie fans in car guy world.
In fact, Chrysler has some very interesting Hemi choices for their brand loyalists, while Ford after-market engines can get you there in a hurry. You can be true to your school in a big way in 2013, plus Ford-in-Ford and Mopar-in-Mopar is a better resale investment than Chevy-in either of their Detroit rivals. You spend around $60K and go all-out on the Mopar or Ford resto, then go with the Chevy 350 to save $300? Hell, GM itself had at least 4 different 350s at one point: Chevy, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Buick. Oh to capture a historically significant important GM car, some sort of holy grail and then install a complete Ford driveline, then get it in the pages of Hot Rod, Car Craft, et al and just wait for the comments to pour in, it might perhaps warm my cold heart.
Both sound pretty cool – and you have to give props to someone who DDs an A-based rod. A rather bizarre looking engine with hot rod headers as the exhaust ports are up in the valley with the intake ports. It took about a month to find one 150 miles away that we paid $500 for and had been sitting on the guy’s garage floor for 10 years.

An intake for a 350 is about 140 new, for a 351 it’s about 250 and around 230 for a 383. Many changes were implemented that make this truck the best of the 53-56 Ford pickups.  The easiest and quickest way to recognize a 56 over the 53-55 F100 models is by the cab. The car now has the engine I've described above in earlier reply and original question.
If you notice the letters in the list I gave you of 1950-52, there is an M for 1950, N for 1951, R for 1952. I had real doubts about this website but your promptness of response, quick followup and to the point answer with picture was incredible. But for many non-General car guys, the idea of a Chevy engine under the hood of their non-General Motors ride is simply a great reason to run it directly over a cliff. For many old school non-Chevy car guys, a 383 is a name that can only be associated with something from the vintage Chrysler lineup like a 1968 Roadrunner engine choice and not a Chevy-come-lately 350 stroker.
The cheaper cost factor of Chevy after-market engines does provide an argument for car guys who work on a tight car project budget.
The slant front windshield pillars from 53-55 F100 are gone in favor of a more refined wrap around windshield on the 56 F100. You’ve gone that far, why not drop a Coyote or an Aluminator or one of the big Roush or Kaase Windsor-Ford engines in it? Contrast that with the 350 I bought last month from a running wreck with 30,000 miles on it for $150. Being that you have a 1958 intake manifold on it, it is not the original engine but a replacement.
And seeing how this subject is about the use of the ubiquitous GM 350…… I found it highly questionable in this same episode that they were worried that they might not be able to find an oil pan gasket for a GM 350 in time!! For many folks, staying within budget, is the difference,between having your vehicle on the road,or not. Is there a vin number On the lower left hand side of cylinder block just above the edge of the oil pan?  The block casting number is XXXXX at the rear of the Cadillac engine, between the intake manifold and transmission bell housing, right next to the oil pressure sending unit.
The museum exhibiting the car is interested in knowing if the current engine is the original or a replacement. Because the headlights sink into the buckets on the grille, 56 F100 air deflectors have a dished out area for the headlight bucket to have room.

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