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What you need to do if you want to do at home std test is by purchasing the STD testing kits. Copyright © 2011 At Home STD Test, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. As for the cost, because the test is done online from your home and your presence is not needed (except for giving samples) this kind of STD test cost lower than traditional consultation to doctor. The big problem is that many people still find it embarassing to go to the doctor and get tested for STD. Fortunately, now you can get anonymous gonorrhea home test where the doctors or lab employee won’t know your purpose visiting the lab with Online STD test.
Using this Gonorrhea home test as alternative to walgreen gonorrhea test, you can get the answer. At Walgreens, there is an at Home STD Test Kit that can help you test STD test at home, however the test can only detect one STD symptom (HIV or Yeast infection, in seperate product). Now, there are many Online and Low Cost STD testing that can test STD test anonymously at home!

This way, you will get more accurate At home STD test than the STD test kit that sold in Walgreens. However, there are some online STD test that can be done in your home like STD Test Express (read our review here) By doing this test home, you are able to do the test without worrying your couple knowing for the examination or worrying people knowing about your sexual activity. One of the most reputable Online STD test is STD Test Express (read the review here) where you can order STD online discreetly from home, go to test center anonymously (there are lots of people doing different test, and they WON’T know if you come there for STD test), then you can get the result online at your home. For any STD test, you still need to visit lab in order to get your blood samples or urines tested.
Without taking one step away from your house, you can do screening test to find out if you get gonorrhea or not. After done with all the tests your job is not over yet because you still have to send the test to the lab.
It’s just as convenient as purchasing walgreens STD test kit but with much better value and features. Many women and people that have this test are satisfied with the result that most accuracy as it is done by the hospital.

In addition, the test is easy and fast because you just need to order the test kit in your home and then you will be directed to their nearest clinic to have laboratory test. With comprehensive STD test panel, this will ensure you from the risk of STD disease possibility.
There are several tests that can be done for syphilis and the most accurate method will be delivered only for you.
With this test, you can detect your health earlier and find the right treatment for your disease.

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