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University of western sydney medicine, medical research cure for herpes - Review

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Won through a National RAIA sponsored competition, our commission was to design the $50M foundation medical school at University of Western Sydney. The University of Western Sydney has confirmed its place within the top 20 of Australian universities for National Health and Medical Research Council(NHMRC) funding with the announcement of the 2014 NHMRC Funding and Fellowship Scheme. The Minister for Health, the Hon Peter Dutton MP has announced that UWS has been awarded $1,353,775 over three grants and equipment funding in the School of Medicine and the MARCS Research Institute. UWS researchers have also achieved success in collaboration with colleagues at other universities.

The new school, based at the Campbelltown campus in the heart of the rapidly expanding western suburbs, was briefed to be an integrated medical teaching and research environment based on the contemporary educational principles of student centred learning and collaborative interdisciplinary research.
The University’s aim was to establish and contribute to a grass roots local and indigenous health service culture. This external room provides a focal point for the three different programmes (teaching labs, office accommodation and research laboratories) to discuss medicine. The facility was to be an iconic gateway to the Campus, attracting keen students and the best postgraduate research and teaching staff Рa proud institutional addition to the western suburbs.

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