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Small relative to other segments of the healthcare market, the patient-to-provider payments market represents plentiful opportunities for stakeholders. The patient-to-provider payments market represents approximately 11% of the total US$2.7 trillion healthcare market.
If there is one constant in the current healthcare environment, it is the unrelenting pressure to grow and change.
In the past, provider systems could coast along with a suboptimal operating model; today, there is less room for error.
Provider systems like Ascension (a health ministry that is the nation’s largest Catholic and nonprofit healthcare system, providing care in 1,900 locations in 23 states and the District of Columbia) have been confronting these very challenges. IT infrastructure: developing technology that collects and manages data to improve patient care and health outcomes while improving the provider experience.

Many of the most successful integrated care delivery systems—such as Intermountain Healthcare, Geisinger Health System and Banner Health—have prioritized investment in these capabilities. Julie Coffman, Sarah Elk and Tamara Olsen are partners in Bain & Company’s Healthcare practice. Healthcare continues to be an attractive but challenging area for private equity investment. It also provides a breakdown of methods used by consumers to pay various types of healthcare providers. Although this segment constitutes a small portion of the overall healthcare market, it is ripe with opportunities for multiple entities, especially dental practices and small and midsize providers, to establish their footprint. In the face of increased complexity, demanding patients and payers, and large amounts of data flowing into and around healthcare organizations, for systems aspiring to be truly integrated, the need for a detailed blueprint to guide decisions has become an issue of some urgency.

Over the past few years, opportunities in the patient-to-provider payments market have caught the attention of various stakeholders: financial institutions, payments processors, and healthcare vendors. They also provide the rubric for evaluating alternatives for critical parts of the operating model. They organized a Clinical Council, whose members provided periodic updates and participated in brainstorming sessions.

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