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A naturopathic doctor is a medical doctor that specializes in natural therapies in combination with medical knowledge and normal medical procedures.
If you have decided that you want to become a naturopathic doctor, then you will need to attend college, go to medical school and then a two year naturopathic residency program. The naturopathic doctor salary and job description for a naturopathic doctor is similar to most medical doctors. If you want to be a doctor but you want to take a more natural approach in the world of medicine, then a naturopathic doctor salary and career as a naturopathic doctor may be the perfect career for you. Although naturopathic medicine has been considered for many decades to be ineffective, especially in comparison to what is available from medical doctors today, you might want to consider that more doctors than ever before are considering alternative medicine in place of pharmaceutical drugs. Our ND respondents also gave us a window into the patient conditions naturopathic doctors most often treat. These types of patient complaints are exactly the kinds of debilitating chronic illnesses that conventional medicine has a fairly poor track record of treating, and for which naturopathic medicine successfully offers relief.
A good naturopathic doctor, while very skilled, may still not enjoy the same types of perks as other conventional doctors.
Doctors in naturopathic medicine are, however, highly respected in their fields and are considered to be very successful in their expertise.
In essence, a naturopathic doctor practices medicine that is designed around assisting the body’s own capacity to recover and restore its own health.
It is often frowned upon by those in traditional medicine, but naturopathy does take its place in the arena of other alternative medicines such as chiropractic and herbalism. Such a doctor has every confidence in their craft and aims to help patients by utilizing the body’s own inner strength. A doctor in this field will use his treatment options to help patients with a variety of ailments and conditions.

These standards are typically imposed by each individual doctor based on their known treatments. Within the confines of modern medicine, many doctors in this field do not believe they will ever experience equality. The reality behind naturopathic medicine is that it is gaining steam in mainstream circles with its unique approach to medicine.
This will depend greatly on the amount of experience you have, the types of treatments you provide, your patient list and even the area that you work in. Naturopathy is still struggling to get noticed in the same aspects of medicine as conventional drug-based treatments. Naturopathic medicine or naturopathy is one of the newer schools of medical thought and philosophy. A doctor in this field may have a specialty in pain control and may dedicate a large period of time in his or her life to the study of pain and its psychological implications.
While they may practice alongside conventional medical doctors, he may often still be looked down upon by his peers.
Instead of treating symptoms, doctors in this field treat the whole of the patient and take a more holistic approach to medicine. They may work in a large doctors office, medical practice, hospital, outpatient clinic or various other types of medical facilities. The amount of experience that you have will greatly affect the amount of naturopathic doctor salary that you can make as a naturopathic doctor. The work schedule for a naturopathic doctor is typically a full time schedule of at least forty hours per week but may often include being on call or working late hours. They may order certain types of diagnostic tests including ultrasounds, mammograms and bone density tests.

Once you are in medical school it is important that you concentrate on homeopathic medicine and holistic medical approaches.
The naturopathic doctor salary level will continue to increase as you gain more experience.
With five years of experience you will see your naturopathic doctor income increase to more than $55,000 per year.
Upon completion of medical school, you will need to take a state board exam to become a doctor.
Ten years of experience will increase the naturopathic doctor salary to more than $64,000 per year.
After you pass this test the last step in your education to become a naturopathic doctor is to participate in a two year naturopathic residency program.
These types of treatments may include the healing power of nature and through the use of therapeutic methods of treatment. Fifteen years of experience will continue to raise your naturopathic doctor salary to a level of $72,000 per year. They encourage their patients to participate in full body wellness including nutritional supplements, manipulative therapy, minor surgery, natural childbirth and other types of homeopathic medicine. The last step will involve taking your licensing exam so that you may practice naturopathic medicine.

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