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Treatments for gout in the leg and foot, medi-cal acupuncture - .

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However, gout can affect almost any joint and can occur in more than one joint at the same time.
If gout is left untreated, it is more likely to affect more than one joint as it progresses.
Although some people may experience just a few attacks in their lifetime, the vast majority of people with gout experience attacks that increase in frequency over time. Always see your GP if you suspect you have gout, particularly if it hasn't been previously diagnosed.

You may also require treatment with prescription medication that only your GP (or a specialist) can provide. I have found the information on this subject very clear to understand, I have suffered with gout for the past two years and with my current attack I have been to visit my doctor with a good understanding of the causes and treatments available. Pain and emotional distressIf long-term pain is interfering with your daily life, it can become emotionally distressing.
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You may experience symptoms every few weeks, months or years, but it is impossible to predict when the condition will recur.
It appears from my blood test results that I have very high uric acid levels that appear to be a natural purine problem more than diet, it has now been agreed that I should start taking long term medication to control the uric acid and stop the attacks.Without the information off this website I think I would continue to suffer more gout attacks.

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