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Treatment for syphilis in 1930, herpes zoster symptoms - Try Out

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A new hypothesis from economist Andrew Francis argues that the terror of syphilis was so great among US residents that the sexual revolution of the 1960s simply wasn't possible without getting the dreaded disease under control first. This may be hard to grasp at first, since the fear of syphilis has fallen off so dramatically today. A surprising number of them relate to syphilis; indeed, it's the largest public health issue addressed by the posters, many of which are now archived at the Library of Congress and available online.
In the 1930s, before penicillin became the standard (and remarkably effective) treatment for syphilis, it was especially important to catch the disease before it progressed. Syphilis wasn't just a set of rashes, nodules, and lesions that would disappear over time; indeed, the bacteria responsible for the disease had far worse in store. This poster may be opaque to modern eyes; to understand it, it helps to know that "bad blood" was a catchall term in the 1930's for a host of problems that included syphilis, anemia, and fatigue. Syphilis sufferers weren't just asked to tell their doctors where they obtained the disease, but who they might have passed it to as well.
Syphilis wasn't transmitted only through sexual activity; mothers could pass it to children during birth.

In 1937, the Public Health Service deployed trailers like this one to serve as mobile syphilis clinics.
But there's an easy way to transport yourself back in time 70 years or so, just before the rise of common antibiotics, to get a sense for life in a world where infectious diseases could prove so much more difficult to control.
The common refrain in the WPA syphilis posters is 1) that treatment exists and 2) that treatment delay can be fatal. The poster's message is clear: to those on the homefront, syphilis was a more direct threat than gas (the great terror of the previous war). The cure at the time wasn't nearly as easy and effective as penicillin, however, which wouldn't become widely used for treating syphilis until the mid-1940s. For many people, this would involve a fairly complete sexual accounting, which could be quite embarrassing to reveal. An entire sequence of posters covered the risks syphilis posed to Americans at every stage of life.
Other posters noted that 500,000 total cases of syphilis were reported each year in the US; 100,000 of these were in people under the age of 19.

Everyone was encouraged to get tested for syphilis if anyone in the family showed any symptoms. Thanks to the Work Projects Administration (WPA), a federal initiative in the late 1930s and early 1940s that put hundreds of thousands of American to work on public projects, we have an incredible visual archive of life at the time: 2,000 posters created by government-employed artists.
It could also incapacitate citizens who were needed in factories for the war effort, so employers had a duty to help their workers overcome it. An eye-catching design and a bizarre link between dinosaurs and syphilis makes this one memorably weird, but its message was straightforward: syphilis can be cured. This was new information to some, as syphilis had ravaged Europe for so long that it seemed like a primeval force of nature (one current hypothesis is that Columbus and his men actually brought it back from voyaging in the Americas). In the 2000s, it has mostly lost its power to terrify Americans, though the WPA posters remain an incredible visual record of the fear around syphilis for so many decades.

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