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The tongue consists mainly of muscles, eight to be specific, and is wrapped by mucous membrane.
A photo of the tongue pointing to its papillae, the numerous lingual projections which makes it rough. The tongue is made up of around 10,000 taste buds, 80% of which are located superficially and 20% distributed beneath the tongue, on the buccal mucosa and on the palate.
A photo showing the various areas where taste buds are located in the tongue, along with its various tastes. Usually, tongue sores are just harmless trauma spots produced when the organ for taste and mastication is accidentally bitten. A sore located on the tip of the tongue can usually appear as a small reddish painful bump. The etiology of tongue sores depend on the each person’s health, environment, hygienic practices and way of living. Tongue sores usually heal spontaneously within just a few days with any complications and sequelae, hence, not needing any medical management.
An image depiciting the proper way of tongue scraping: with gentle strokes to prevent tongue sores. If, unfortunately, the tongue sores do not improve, are persistent, or are recurring quite more often, a consult with the physician is warranted. Most of the tiny red bumps that are on the tongue are referred to as papillae and they cover the total surface of the tongue. If the bumps are on only one side of the tongue, the bumps can be cancerous and need to be checked out. This develops in cases where there is unprotected oral sex and causes sores to grow on the front of the tongue and also the cheek insides. If something unusual develops on the tongue and it bothers you, either mentally or physically, be cautious and see your physician to see if the problem is severe or needs any treatment.
What treatment that might be suggested will depend on the cause of the bumps and that is something your doctor will need to diagnose for you. In the case of fibroma or any other bumps, they can be removed or scrapings of cells can be taken and often that is consider the best option so that the tissue can be sent to the lab for testing to make certain what the bump is.
What do you call the tongue picture of white bumps throughout the dorsal surface of the tongue.
This website is for informational purposes only and Is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

The tongue is one of the most important organs in the mouth that helps us taste, swallow, and speak. Sores can also be found directly on top which may be present in cases of vitamin deficiencies which changes the texture and color of the anterior portion of the tongue. Squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity causes extensive vascular and lymphatic spread of mouth sores. Smoking, chewing tobacco and alcohol intake disrupts the moisture and irritates the mucosal lining of the tongue leading to glossitis.
Bacterial growth such as streptococcus bacteria also causes scarlet fever that leaves the tongue sore and strawberry-red in color. Administration of ganglion blockers and bronchodilators has also been a reason for glossitis.
Brushing with toothbrush with hard bristles may also lead to irritation and inflammation of the tongue. Irritation from the adjacent teeth and dental appliances also leads to inflammation of the tongue area. Sensitivity to certain foods and drugs lead to allergic reactions in the oral cavity that causes sore tongue. Complete eradication of sore tongue is primarily focused on the treatment of the causative factor. The administration of B vitamins helps in the prevention of tongue sores as a result of Vitamin B deficiency.
As mentioned, having a swollen tongue is usually a symptom of an underlying cause and you may experience other symptoms.
The cause of having a swollen tongue could be due to a variety of conditions, disorders, or diseases.
Transient lingual papillitis which is where the taste buds become red, inflamed, and swell and usually manifests at night as a swollen tongue. If you notice that your tongue swells after eating or drinking certain foods you will need to eliminate them from your diet.
Many times when you have a swollen tongue, it can be difficult to swallow anything, including your own saliva so to help decrease the production of saliva you should avoid any sour or salty foods until the swelling goes down and it is no longer difficult to swallow.
To avoid any complications with a swollen tongue make sure that you are maintaining good oral hygiene.
Several factors such as viral infection, trauma, inflammation, and malignancy cause the tongue to be sore, which greatly affects the way we eat and speak.

Soreness on the dorsal portion of the tongue may be caused by migratory glossitis or geographic tongue. Fungal infection also thrives on top of the tongue which leaves a whitish discoloration signifying the growth of the fungi.
These are open tongue lesions or sores that appear whitish in color that may feel like a burning sensation in the mouth. Candida albicans fungi cause oral thrush that leaves a whitish discoloration of the tongue. Aside from this, scraping too hard on the surface of the tongue also damages the mucosal lining.
Megaloblastic anemia, caused by folic acid deficiency and pernicious anemia caused by Vitamin B12 deficiency leads to a smooth, beefy tongue. Oral antibiotics as well as antiseptic washes may be used to reduce the duration of ulcers.
The yoga pose that is recommended is the Lion Pose which is where you vocalize the sound “AHHHHH” as in the roar of a loin while you stick your tongue out. The tongue is made up of nerves, which recognizes those particular tastes and consequently, transmits those tastes into the brain.
Other signs and symptoms which make up these illnesses include fever, body malaise, lymph node tenderness, dryness of the mouth, increased thirst, metallic and bitter taste, burning sensation on the oral cavity, abdominal pain, and the presence of ulcers and lesions on other parts of the body. In addition, the mouth is inhabited by millions of microorganisms and any reduction in immunity may lead to tongue infection. Once destroyed, other opportunistic infections from fungi, bacteria and virus may set in causing tongue sores.
In addition, iron deficiency anemia also causes sore mouth and tongue and turns the color into yellow as a result of decreased hemoglobin. When you have a swollen tongue it can be just a portion of it that is swollen or it can be the whole tongue. Your tongue could swell up to double its size and interfere with your breathing, which can be fatal. Your tongue is what helps you to chew, talk, taste, and swallow and is make of muscles with the upper side lined with taste buds.

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