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A shocking aspect of Addington’s video is the revelation about Meningitis caused by herpes.
We are obviously fans of natural forms of supplemental healthcare and natural herpes remedies at Just Herpes, having examined the research behind many of them. Boost Your Immune System – This prepares your body to fight off the remainder of the virus once you implement the other steps. Overall, while we had heard some of these natural remedies and have general knowledge of them, what he had not known was some of the groundbreaking research Addington details. You can get a refund on the ebook if it doesn’t work for you with the 60 day personal guarantee.
Overall, the Ultimate Herpes Protocol is a sound source of information for treating and getting rid of herpes — and is designed for HSV 1, HSV 2, and shingles. There are a couple of popular ebooks about getting rid of herpes that have been selling like crazy. What Addington has done, though, is to combine the most scientifically backed ones as a logical system in an easy-to-follow format.
Includes a holistic plan for boosting immunity and even sample diet plans for the nutritional portion of this regimen. She lays out a unique method of destroying the virus and leaving it vulnerable and exposed to your immune system’s attack.

In addition to the first two blows you gave the virus above, now you deal it the final blow by stopping it from making copies of itself. This guarantee is reliable because it’s enforced by the payment processor for the eBook. The system or protocol is put together in an easy to follow format with exact details laid out clearly.
The latest one, called The Ultimate Herpes Protocol by Melanie Addington, was just released in October 2013. She says the system she lays out attacks three different aspects of the virus at once, so that it will eradicate the herpes virus by giving it several deadly blows. The method is the same, but details vary based on whether you are dealing with oral or genital herpes.
So with her method, she says you’re not just treating outbreaks, or boosting your immunity, or getting rid of the viral load. She also provides details on getting the right kinds of supplements as opposed to some you may not even know are ineffective at treating herpes because of their composition!
These additional tips are based on research that healed herpes outbreaks and sent subjects into complete HSV remission. Once you buy it, you can instantly download the ebook as a PDF and start the system and heal your herpes today.

If you want to know if it’s hot or hype, read on for our Ultimate Herpes Protocol Review. He understood that heavy drugs like acyclovir and valocyclovir only cover the symptoms of herpes, instead of killing it off. Viral meningitis, or herpes encephalitis, has serious symptoms and consequences like seizures, confusion, and more. Addington describes an exact regimen to achieve this and the simple tools you’ll need. With his breakthrough methods and extensive research, Addington claims she was able to get rid of her herpes — coming out clean on the PCI blood test and the IgG. She says she then put the system together for others in her eBook, the Ultimate Herpes Protocol.

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