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One of the more rational and detailed discussions about Jobs’ battle with cancer appears on the Science-based Medicine blog. I respect Jobs' right to select as much spiritual treatment as he liked--but trust in homeopathy results in much suffering and premature death around the world, including children and mentally-debilitated adults who merit protection from their caregivers' nonsense. Western medicine has always kind of had its nose in the air as regards traditional medicines used in other parts of the world. I would believe that Jobs might have lived longer with traditional medicine, but as often is the case in the case of pancreatic cancer and metastasizing cancer, in general, it probably would have only prolonged his life for a little while. Even if traditional treatment might have "saved" him, he was an adult with no apparent mental dysfunction, so his choice to forgo that option was legitimate and should be respected. However, in the case of minors and those of limited mental capacity, it is unethical for a guardian to deny treatment using therapies with known results unless those therapies provide little or no benefit with regard to quality of life. All that being said, non-traditional medicine outcomes *in adults* should definitely be more quantitatively studied for both health and quality of life outcomes. Most unfortunately, despite Gorski's accomplishments in conventional medicine, I found, after reading his "Orac" blog for some time, that his opinions on alternative medicine, particularly acupuncture and homeoapthy, were biased, uninformed, filled with misrepresentations, distortions, and disinformation and, therefore I have ceased reading them, along with the typical responses of his intellectual goon squad fan club which appear with Pavlovian regularity at his instigation. Though some of his blogs were indeed well reasoned and quite good, for example his expose' of Milgrom's supposed "Quantum" theories of homeopathy a great number of his comments have fallen into formulaic condescension, condemnations, attempts to portray alternative practitioners as "quacks", even criticizing fellow MDs like Dr. Scientism is an attempt to portray conventional medicine as fully "evidence" based by, in part, narrowing the definition of "evidence" and utilizing a double standard which allows certain types of "evidence" to conventional medicine but denying it to the alternativists. If you are going to be objective on the topic of alternative medicine treatments, find some real experts on it, there are plenty, not someone whose bias in countless blogs, to the point of apparently losing objectivity, is endemic.

David Gorski says it's very unlikely that Steve Jobs' detour into alternative medicine had much of an effect on the ultimate course of his cancer.There’s been a lot of debate on the Web about whether or not Steve Jobs signed his own death certificate, as it were, when he postponed surgery for his pancreatic cancer for nine months in order to pursue “alternative” medical care.
And some of it has been downright bizarre (such as an oncologist’s suggestion that eating turmeric might have prolonged Jobs’ life). David GorskiHe bases that conclusion on his professional knowledge and on the facts of Jobs' illness as outlined in the new Walter Isaacson biography of the computer entrepreneur. And the reason we’ll never know has to do with a truth about cancer that confuses and angers many people recently: early detection does not always save lives. However, … chances are that surgery right after his diagnosis probably wouldn’t have saved Jobs, but there was no way to be able to come to that conclusion except in retrospect, and even then the conclusion is uncertain.Although it’s no doubt counterintuitive to most readers, … finding liver metastases at the time of Jobs’ first operation strongly suggests this conclusion because it indicates that those metastases were almost certainly present nine months before.
Curcumin can kill cancer cells in laboratory dishes and also reduces growth of surviving cells.
Perhaps some day, a more medically qualified historian will write a definitive account of Jobs' illness.
David Gorski, a surgical oncologist, cancer researcher and associate professor of surgery at Wayne State University, who is well known (and heavily disliked) by many alternative-medicine practitioners for his evidence-based criticisms of their therapies and treatments. Had he been operated on then, [what] most likely would have happened is that Jobs’ apparent survival would have been nine months longer but the end result would probably have been the same.
Curcumin also has been found to reduce development of several forms of cancer in laboratory animals and to shrink animal tumors. None of this absolves the alternative medicine that Jobs tried or suggests that waiting to undergo surgery wasn’t harmful, only that in hindsight we can conclude that it probably didn’t make a difference.

Gorski's account and the NY Times article you cite fail to stress the most modern thinking in oncology research, namely that the goal is no longer to achieve a 100%, universal "cure" but rather to transform cancer into a manageable, chronic illness like type II diabetes or high blood pressure. At the time of his diagnosis and during the nine months afterward during which he tried woo instead of medicine, it was entirely reasonable to be concerned that the delay was endangering his life, because it might have been. Catching a cancer early and initiating effective treatment could make all the difference in this scenario.
It was impossible to know until later — and, quite frankly, not even then — whether Jobs’ delaying surgery contributed to his death. Even though what I have learned [from the Isaacson biography] suggests that this delay probably didn’t contribute to Jobs’ death, it might have. Trust me when I say yet again that I really, really wish I could join with the skeptics and doctors proclaiming that “alternative medicine killed Steve Jobs,” but I can’t, at least not based on the facts as I have been able to learn them.Gorski also concludes that Jobs did not “jump the queue” to get his liver transplant, although he does question, based on details presented in the Isaacson biography, whether that transplant was a reasonable course of action given that spots (possible tumors) were found on his abdominal lining. He also talks about Isaacson's interesting revelation that Jobs became one of the first 20 individuals in the world to have all of his DNA and the genes of his cancer sequenced (at a cost of $100,000). The hope was to use that genetic information to find a treatment that would specifically target his cancer.

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