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Carleen Ho holds a bottle of Concentrated Tylenol Infants' Drops Plus Cold & Cough in front of her daughter, Rachel Ho, who is under two years old, at a home in Palo Alto, Calif., Thursday, Oct. Check Up is a blog for savvy health consumers, covering the latest developments, discoveries, and debates from the Philadelphia area and beyond.
Yet, even the most cautious and educated parents will make mistakes when giving medicine to children or fail to protect children from accidental poisonings. In 2008, drug companies voluntarily removed over-the-counter (OTC) cough and cold products for infants and children less than 2 years old due to safety concerns. Select a single, secure area to keep all medicines, rather than having them scattered in different bathrooms, medicine cabinets, bedrooms, and closets. Three out of four parents make mistakes when measuring doses of liquid medicines, particularly when using dosing cups that come with OTC medicines. While giving a liquid medicine to a squirming child, the parent and child might both end up wearing part of the dose. If you have young children or grandchildren, you are probably used to being on the look out for danger in your home and the child’s play areas. Never tell your child that liquid medicine is a special drinkor juice, or that solid medicine is candy.
Cold Drug makers voluntarily pulled cold medicines targeted for babies and toddlers off the market Thursday, leaving parents to find alternatives for hacking coughs and runny little noses just as fall sniffles get in full swing.

But don’t let your guard down with OTC and prescription medicines that come with a child-resistant cap. The move represented a pre-emptive strike by over-the-counter drug manufacturers - a week before government advisers were to debate the medicines' fate.
The list that follows, although not all inclusive, covers ten important safety tips for parents.
In a 2010 study that used home visits to understand medication errors in children, homes that did not have a centralized location for medicines were more likely to experience medication errors. If your child’s medicine does not come with a measuring device, or if it comeswith a dosing cup, ask your pharmacist to recommend an oral syringe to use.
Although you may doubt the child has swallowed and kept down enough of the medicine, giving another full dose could be dangerous.
Sometimes it’s tough for adults to open these caps, but children as young as 1 year have opened them in seconds. Laterin 2008, companies re-labeledcough and cold medicines to say that the products should not be used in children less than 4 years of age. Before leaving the pharmacy with a prescription or OTC liquid medicine, verify with your pharmacist that you know how to measure the correct dose.
It is best to call your child’s doctor or your community pharmacist, who can let you know whether you should give your child anothe rdose of that medicine.

A dosing error can happen if your child’sdoctor gives you directions for using the new lower strength acetaminophen, but you are still using the old higher strength concentrated drops.
For children 4 years and older, do not give more than the recommended dosages and stop the medicine if it makes the child sleepy.
If most of these letters are uppercase (DTaP), it signifies a stronger form of the vaccine, which is necessary for young children to establish immunity. More than a million children are poisoned each year, many by household products and medicines that were in child-resistant containers. Also, children have been exposed to hormone medicines after skin-to-skin contact with a person using a topical product such as AndroGel (testosterone).
Before your child receives a vaccine, ask your doctor or nurse for a Vaccine Information Statement (VIS)—a printed sheet that explains the purpose of the vaccine. These sheets, which physicians are required to give to parents, list age groups that should receive the vaccine so you can check that the right strength has been chosen for your child.

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