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Patients from all over the world have come to Reno Integrative Medical Center to enlist in Dr. Sierra Integrative Medical Center optimizes health service by drawing from all schools of medicine. Sierra Integrative Medical Center of Reno, Nevada was founded in 1983 by Harvard educated Dr. Eslinger's  philosophy is that the cancer treatment provided at Reno Integrative Medical Center should not make the patient sick in an attempt to make them better. Bruce Fong was introduced to natural medicine and homeopathic medicine as a young child and continues with that tradition today.

If you have a specific request, please contact us to discuss your health treatment or health protection plan.See us for integrative medicine, Lyme disease treatment, alternative cancer therapy and hard to diagnose and treat immune or neurological disorders, such as Chronic Fatigue, HIV, Hep-C and MS. He has followed in the family footsteps of medicine and is rooted in the belief that we must heal and prevent human disease and suffering. The people at Reno Integrative are very caring and compassionate, helping to make the overall experience a good one.
Chang became progressively distressed with allopathic medicine and sought answers from both traditional Chinese and homeopathic medicine.
Fong has been at the forefront of alternative therapies for immune related diseases, including special treatment plans which combine the best options from a broad array of homeopathic, internal, Chinese and traditional medicine.As Medical Director at Sierra Integrative Medical Center, Dr.

Our team today is comprised of these original care providers, serving patients for the past decade through Sierra Integrative Medical Center.

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