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Christian Reiki is a simple, natural, safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use.
In 1Corinthians 12:4-12, Paul speaks of the gifts to include speaking wisdom and knowledge and the power to heal. You do not need to be a therapy or counseling client at CCM Counseling & Wellness to participate in a Christian Reiki session. Medical procedures, accidents, allergies, and injuries have left living scars of pain in my life. Three recent conversations have convinced me that many Christians are drawn to Reiki but are unsure that Reiki should become part of their lives. During another conversation with one of the pastors of my church, I asked his opinion of Reiki. As the practice of Reiki has spread round the world in a 30-year period and is rapidly entering public awareness, Christians have approached its use in a variety of ways. Each new idea or change in our world challenges us to adjust to the new knowledge and experience. Because one of the spiritual gifts is healing, devoted Christians who take direction from the above scripture have looked into the laying on of hands and more recently, the practice of Reiki. Scripture clearly indicates that healing is something appropriate for Christians to be involved with. This is a PowerPoint file showing the similarities and differences of Reiki, therapeutic touch and theopathic healing. When you are searching for Reiki Massage Therap, right place to purchase Reiki Massage Therapy And. We have found the best Reiki Massage Therapy And Chri related products from all over the world for you to browse and order Massage Therapy And online.
As a holistic healing technique Christian Reiki treats the whole being and stimulates healing processes at all levels, the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.
Christian Reiki goes beyond a being's emotional and physical status and brings necessary healing to the situation. He casually observed that he had heard about a Reiki Master who had somehow abused his students, so he didn't think much of the practice.

More and more Christians view Reiki as a practice that provides an opportunity to follow more closely the teachings and examples of Jesus healing the sick. Also Paul describes people within the church having roles as apostles, prophets, teachers, those who perform miracles, those who heal, those who direct others and those who speak in strange tongues (I Corinthians 12:28-31). As Christians search for ways to follow more fully Jesus' teachings and examples in order to draw closer to God, it is important to be aware of the examples Jesus set for us. Christians who have a solid foundation in their faith know that God will always protect and guide them. Fast Distribution : Our speedy and useful delivery service means your order will be with you in time period. During a session, questions, concerns, and information about the healing process are shared. With a focus on wellness, Christian Reiki works toward healing the whole being rather than specific symptoms.
I mentioned the tragic experiences in the Catholic Church with priests sexually abusing children which had not caused people to change their opinion of Christianity nor to stop going to church.
One did not have a good understanding of Reiki and had not thought of it fairly, and one had other explanations and interests. Others are concerned that Reiki has an Eastern origin and are searching for more information and experiences before deciding how to respond.
Those who take their spiritual lives seriously will often take time to gather information on the new subject, think about it and pray for guidance.
In Christian worship, the cross is used as a focus of worship complemented by candles, music, prayer beads, bells, incense, and other ritual items. Those Christians who practice Reiki do so within the guidance and protection of God secure in the belief that they have been guided to follow Jesus' example to be a healer.
After careful investigation and gaining a clear understanding of what Reiki is, the best way for you to decide if you should take up the practice of Reiki can be best answered through prayer.
During and after a healing session, a person may feel deeply relaxed, experience relief from pain, feel balanced, and have a sense of well-being or overall improvement on a combination of levels. Afterwards, one of my students and I offered to give him Reiki which he accepted, though he didn't think it would do much good.

Thoughtful, committed Christians seek accurate information and pray for guidance as part of deciding whether to adopt the practice of Reiki into their lives. These many and varied practices indicate the range of methods that different Christian groups incorporate to follow the teachings of the Bible and to come closer to God.
She had finally decided that she must accept God's calling and the spiritual gift of healing and believes that Reiki offers the way. Later the same day, he asked me to speak to a man recently diagnosed with brain cancers about arranging some Reiki treatments. He had fallen a couple of times previously, landing on the base of his spine, and he was aware from experience of the pain and soreness that he could expect the next day. As Christians we believe that the universal life energy is God's resourse to us and it comes from HIM. Later in the week he emailed me to say that he had felt just fine the next day and decided there was something to Reiki and wanted to explore it further.
During the time of research, people will benefit by making sure they make use of information that is accurate and gives an honest and fair description of the subject they are exploring. He attended a healing service at the church and participated in the laying on of hands after communion. By reading, seeking those who have given or experienced Reiki, and praying for insight and guidance, Christians can make decisions about how Reiki might play a role in their lives. While he seemed affected by the service, he has not come again nor asked for any more Reiki treatments. It's important to keep in mind that while many Christians have found Reiki to be a spiritually fulfilling practice, it is not necessarily for everyone.

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