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Reiki practitioner Gray works on the front lines, lending her healing hands to hospital patients in need of stress relief. She pitches Reiki and healing hands — which she says are similar except for hand positioning — with the energy and articulation of a salesperson. As Reiki and other healing hands techniques make their way into hospitals, there is pressure to show verifiable, quantitative results. Outside the hospital, Reiki practitioners credit it for everything from relieving constipation to improving T-cell counts in an AIDS patient. But unless rigorous scientific research can validate Reiki, it will continue to face criticism from some scientists and doctors. Davis, the Tampa General vice president, says some research already existed about Reiki when the program started. And while scientific research on the topic has often been inconclusive, some local hospitals have begun to embrace Reiki and similar techniques to supplement conventional medicine.

Patients who were satisfied with their visit, in part because of their Reiki treatment, are more likely to entrust the hospital with future care. Paul Kornberg, medical director for pediatric rehabilitations at Tampa General, said he thinks nontraditional treatments can make patients more open to traditional ones.
Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute and All Children's Hospital are among institutions with Reiki or healing touch programs.
Then, hours before surgeons at Tampa General Hospital cracked into his sternum, the 50-year-old man also got a dose of unconventional medicine: a Japanese healing technique called Reiki. The level I class teaches students the foundation and principles for applying Reiki treatments for self-care and as an intervention or treatment for others either through a gentle, light touch or non-touch approach.
Three of the five Reiki symbols are introduced in this workshop and are an integral component to practicing distant healing. The Level III Reiki class is the final step that prepares the Reiki practitioner to share and teach Usui Shiki Ryoho.

Writing the final two of five Reiki master symbols will be required prior to the end of class, how to use the symbols in both distant and hands-on treatments and for purposes of initiating others into practicing Reiki.
Students will learn to perform an initation using all five Reiki symbols and will practice extensively to satisfy the requirement of receiving the Reiki master certification.
Discussion of how to effectively communicate Reiki practice to others, setting up a professional Reiki practice or business and getting involved to be of service to both community and family with the teachings of the Usui Shiki Ryoho will be covered. Reiki treatments can be beneficial for a wide variety of situations including stress, anxiety, sleep, blood pressure, heart rate, and digestion while promoting relaxation and restoring balance. There are no limitations as to how one applies daily Reiki practice in their life, but rather, empowers individuals to address their needs at any given moment and incorporate self-treatments to restore balance as part of their daily health and wellness program.

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