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Learning about chakras healing, the major energy centers that connect our bodies to universal life force energy. A Special Message from Nicole Newsom – As a transformation teacher and healer specializing in energetic hands-on and distance healing techniques, I have spent the past 16-years assisting people in removing mental, emotional, spiritual and physical blocks in their life, to create significant and lasting changes. When I left corporate America, I transitioned into the health industry learning how to heal the body via herbs, vitamins, massage, cellulite studies and energy work.

I have certifications as a Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), Non-Denominational Minister, Massage Therapist, Health Education Instructor for the State of Texas, Paralegal, Reiki Master, Shaman and many more in various healing techniques. I have traveled to Canada, Hawaii, Mexico, and across the United States from Texas to California studying with doctors, teachers, spiritual healers and even a well-known psychic to learn and integrate all these techniques in my healing work. Fortunately, I have been blessed with intuition that taps into what my clients need and I check their energy with each visit to see where they are and work on the greatest need.

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