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Regenerative medicine conference, oral herpes simplex virus 2 - Reviews

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The World Conference on Regenerative Medicine offers scientists, medical practitioners and company representatives a perfect platform to gather and share information on the latest research trends and technology developments in regenerative medicine. During REGMEDCON 2014, executives were interviewed about their roles, their passion, and the promise of regenerative medicine. The Regenerative Medicine Foundation's Conference is one of this community's premier events.
The Regenerative Medicine Foundation's promise is to be an informative, educational and unbiased organization. On behalf of the Regenerative Medicine Foundation, I am delighted to announce that the Perinatal Stem Cell Society will host their inaugural forum during REGMEDCON2014.

Stem Cells Translational Medicine is the official journal of the Regenerative Medicine Foundation. Regenerative medicine holds great promise for the future of medicine, offering a world of possibilities. Regenerative medicine has the potential to create a huge shift in the way we see the aging population, impacting both reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.
Listen as they address why public education about regenerative medicine is important and what the public needs to know about it's potential for future cures!
Through the leadership of talented representatives from California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Stem Cells Translational Medicine, the Human Organ Project, and the International Perinatal Stem Cell Society, this amazing three-day program showcased regenerative medicine from a variety of perspectives, including latest discoveries and progress being made in the field today.

As the field of regenerative medicine advances every day toward real cures for real patients - with real regulatory approval and real financial coverage - it is clear that our participants are the visionaries making progress towards our common goal. With its ever-growing role in medicine, especially in plastic surgery, it will soon lead to more personalized treatment.
ASPS's Regenerative Medicine Summit will provide a deep dive into the clinical applications of regenerative medicine and fat grafting for aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

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