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To improve child health and development through an evidence-based program by incorporating complementary therapies with traditional medicine. The University of Miami Program for Pediatric Integrative Medicine focuses on encompassing aspects of both mind and body in all components of treatment while using evidence-based methods. Located at a leading institution for childhood health research, the Program for Pediatric Integrative Medicine performs rigorous research on the safety and efficacy of medical therapies before clinical application. In addition to our research, we provide complementary therapies for our pediatric patients and the greater community.

Integrative medicine combines conventional medicine with complementary and alternative medicine, or CAM. Miami provides a rich multi-cultural population, allowing for diversity in research, unique to other centers on complementary and alternative medicine research. Despite advances in conventional medicine, not all health problems are solved by traditional medicine interventions. With persistent inflation of health care costs and the increased need for physician visits and hospitalizations, the role of solely conventional medicine is often questioned.

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