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Pain medicine during pregnancy, home remedies for high blood pressure - Review

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According to a new systemic report from The Cochrane Library, pregnant women can safely use inhaled pain medication for pain relief during labor. During pregnancy, changes in your body affect your back and posture (how you position your body). Also, hormones (chemicals that carry messages throughout the body) increase during pregnancy.

When a pregnant woman inhales a combination of oxygen and a pain reliever like nitrous oxide, pain relief is achieved without hindering movement, breathing, swallowing or alertness.
However, inhaled pain medications do come with a series of potential side effects like nausea, vomiting and dizziness. Flurane administration requires a doctor educated in anesthesia be present during labor, but nitrous oxide does not – giving women birthing with midwives an alternative to natural child birth with no pain relief.

The larger pool of nearly 3,000 women is a good start, but larger pools need to be studied before fluranes or nitrous oxide is accepted globally as an alternative to tried and true pain relief during labor.

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