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Olive leaf extract cures genital herpes, pimple remedies at home - For Begninners

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The symptoms of herpes may be mild to severe depending upon the immune responses of the patient. Taking this into consideration you might be wondering as to what is present in this extract that makes it one of the effective home remedies for herpes. Olive Leaf Extract for Herpes Herpes is an infectious disease caused by viral strains herpes simplex virus – type 1 and type 2. With regular usage of olive leaf extract herpes simplex virus are destroyed or rendered nonfunctional. The symptoms of herpes may be mild to severe depending upon the immune responses of the patient. Olive Leaf Extract and HerpesBeing a viral disease the symptoms of herpes are not so easy to deal with.
Also addressing the problem correctly minimizes the risk of recurrent outbreaks of herpes symptoms.

The extract is effective for alleviating the symptoms of both oral herpes and genital herpes.
The active ingredients found in olive leaves are oleuropein phytochemical calcium elenolate and elenol acid which are considered as natural antimicrobial agents.
According to herbalists concentrated liquid derived from freshly picked olive leaves contain several curative compounds.
Based on the site of outbreak there are two types of herpes namely oral herpes and genital herpes. Besides these main components olive leaf contains esters hydroxytyrosol polyphenols flavonoids and several other antioxidant molecules which collectively help in treating the symptoms of herpes.
A few patients have complained of mild allergic responses after applying a concentrated extract. The leaf extract promotes synthesis of phagocytes which in turn helps in strengthening the immune responses of the body.

In majority of the reported cases the former type results after infection by type 1 herpes simplex strain or HSV1; while the latter is caused due to type 2 herpes simplex strain or HSV2. Nevertheless certain antiviral drugs and herbal remedies are All Stages Of Genital Herpes being promoted to combat the symptoms and shorten the healing period. Till date there are no serious side effects reported after using olive leaf for combating herpes condition. Several studies have been done for using this extract in treating herpes and other infectious diseases.
The symptoms of herpes may be mild to severe depending upon the immune responses of thepatient.

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