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ReplyGreat tips, I never thought about turmeric for sinuses, this is one that is always in our arsenal along with oil of oregano. If you regularly suffer from sinus headache, you might have already researched a lot and know that sinuses are the air spaces around your nasal passages to help you with air humidification and mucus secretion. Steam inhalation is very helpful when it comes to relieve nasal congestion due to common cold, sinusitis as well as many other other respiratory and sinus conditions. Eucalyptus oil has strong anti-inflammatory and decongestant properties that may come to your help when you want to get rid of sinus headache.
If you are used to tea tree oils strong nature, you may also use it directly into your nose. This is basically an Ayurvedic preparation that not only cures your sinus pressure headache but also the root cause of sinusitis. You may also have this tea after two hours of your meals or have it when experiencing headache. When your sinuses get blocked, you can feel a pressure on your face around your nasal area and ofcourse forehead area that gives you that throbbing pain.
Ginger root has anti-inflammatory properties and will reduce the swelling in your sinuses effectively. You may irrigate your nasal passages with a saline solution to cleanse your nose and sinuses. Cinnamon, the aromatic spice herb, has excellent antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral properties and has been one of the popular home remedies for sore throat, flu, nasal congestion and other such congestion related diseases. Other than home remedies for sinus pressure headache that focus on reducing inflammation of sinuses and nasal passages, there are some other ways that may help get rid of sinus headache naturally. Although sinus headache is caused by inflamed and irritated sinus passages, if you stress or take tension, the pain may become worse.
Sometimes, due to cold and allergies, sinuses become inflamed and thus are unable to drain off the mucus. After all, this oil has been used since years for various discomforts like nausea, upset stomach as well as cold and nasal congestion.

Tea tree oil which contains antimicrobial properties can not only cure sinus headache but may also treat the underlying causes due to such microbial infection. These components of basil not only help clear off your congested sinuses but also reduce inflammation as well as relieve any allergic reaction if any. Alternate hot and cold compress is one of the best remedies for sinus headache caused to to such pressure. What’s important is that this common herb can be found in your kitchen almost any time so here you get that headache and there you can make ginger tea. Sometimes, massaging your sinus area with ginger oil may also help relieve your sinus headache. Once the mucus drains out, you will get relief from sinus pressure and the headache as well. Make your own natural decongestant using common ingredients like cayenne pepper, honey, and ginger etc.
If, however, you get the headache, take help of some of the discussed home remedies for sinus headache and get well soon. Drink plenty of water and healthy fluids that will help flush out toxins from your body and keep washing away mucus from the sinus. This increases pressure within your sinuses leading to sinus pressure headache or the sinus headache. When you get sinus headache, these areas are generally around your nose and your forehead as well as cheeks when there is tremendous sinus pressure. While warm moist heat directly applied to your sinus region helps ease pressure as well as make thick mucus lose, the cold compress relives pain due to pressure by constricting the blood vessels in the region.
Your granny would have suggested using some cayenne pepper in your chicken broth to alleviates sinus headache. However, what is more important for relieving headache is also its anti-inflammatory properties. Fluids also help bring down the pressure as well as inflammation that lead to sinus headaches.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Organic Apple cider vinegar proven to be a wonderful treatment for sinusitis. This can effectively relieve you from sinus congestion to give you relief from headache too.
A swollen sinus, as you know, narrows down your air passages, making it difficult to breathe.
Once your stuffed nose and sinuses get cleared, you will relieve yourself of sinus symptoms including headache. It is good to add moisture to your dry indoor environment as it helps prevent sinus infections. Nasal Irrigation and Nebulization System: This is an extremely good natural remedy to stop recurring sinus infections, heals the lining in your sinus. You need to decrease the inflammation of your sinus passages so that they may drain the mucus.
The anti viral properties of basil cure any infection that is causing your headache and sinusitis. You will get rid of nasal congestion and also of pollen and other irritants or contaminants that invade your nostrils and sinuses.
Cayenne in this homemade remedy for sinus congestion works as the main decongestant due to its component capsaicin, which reduces inflammation to clear your nasal passages. The cool soothing effects of basil relieve all pains associated with sinusitis, including headache.
Home remedies for sinus headache are, most of the times, enough to give you relief from the tremendous pressure that makes you restless. When you think what to take for a sinus headache, include cinnamon too in the list along with other herbs and spices as it can effectively deal with respiratory infections such as sinus congestion.

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