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Oral herpes or more commonly called as cold sore is a condition wherein there is an infection of the mouth, lips or gums caused by a virus called herpes simplex. As you apply medicine or home remedies for cold sore, the blisters will turn yellow and they will become crusty. Aloe Vera can be used internally and externally to control the inflammation and itching of herpes. Using Epsom salt in the water for bathing is one of the effective home remedies for herpes infection.
The infection causes the infected part to have small blisters that are painful thus called cold sores or sometimes fever blisters.

You can follow any of these to get relief from the blisters, sores and fever which are very much associated with herpes. The inflammation and sores can be effectively reduced and controlled when you give a warm tea bag compress. This herb is rich in anti-inflammatory properties and offers effective remedies for herpes and also can do away with the scars and redness caused due to the herpes infection. A wide variety of substances that are found easily in the home can help you get relief from herpes. Before the blisters appear in the mouth, an infected person may suffer from sore throat, fever, swollen glands or he may have a hard time swallowing.

Cold sores usually occur within the first week or until the third week after a person gets the herpes virus.

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