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Fotini Georgousi has studied biology, herbal medicine and organic farming and has also been trained in permaculture and alternative healing practices such as Ayurveda, yoga and Thai manual therapies.
She is a co-founder of the Nea Guinea non-profit organization, where, since 2009, she has been coordinating projects related to the re-appropriation of health and food, including designing educational activities on herbal medicine and other natural healing practices, sustainable organic farming and permaculture.
She is organizing courses, seminars and open informative events on the re-appropriation and the self-management of health, while promoting herbal medicine as a tool for increasing the self-reliance and resilience of people and communities. The course is for people that are considering an alternative approach to health and are interested in using herbal medicine as a tool for getting actively involved in the healing process, based on their own knowledge and their own resources. People new to herbal medicine will be given special attention and support throughout the course so that they will be able to develop a basic level of understanding of the theoretical foundations as well as the practical applications of herbal medicine.

During the past 10 years she have been involved in different projects in the fields of herbal medicine, organic farming and community activism, while living and working in eco-communities, participating in community garden groups and grass roots initiatives related to health and food sovereignty.
She has a teaching experience of over 30 courses and seminars on herbal medicine, aromatherapy, soap and cosmetic making.
People who are already familiar with the use of herbs, will be provided with valuable information, both in theory and in practice, which will help them deepen their understanding and further immerse into the practice of herbal medicine. She is the author of a radical herbalism manual in Greek called “On the self-management of health” and she is currently working on the creation of a medicinal plants” web based database that will provide information on plant identification, properties, uses, cultivation and propagation details. In addition, she has organised more than 30 raising awareness activities in schools, ecofestivals and social centers.

Currently, she is working as a herbal medicine consultant and she has been part of the “Drogeria” working group that used to operate within Nea Guinea, which was involved with the production of herbal remedies and the provision of herbal medicine consultations free of charge.

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