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But here’s the most appalling of all statistics about conventional medical treatments for cancer… Untreated cancer patients do not die any sooner than patients who receive chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. I have had fibromyalgia for approximately 16 years & wondered if there was anything natural that would help with the chronic pain. Well, I can’t attest to those cures (saying that upfront people), but I can attest to one bonafied miracle, believe it or not. Free radicals are formed naturally in the body and play an important role in many normal cellular processes. In the past, when I heard those types of testimonies, although I didn’t doubt then, I had no personal relationship with the people who were talking about these miraculous cures, so there was always a natural skepticism. Donald developed cancer in 2012 and if I recollect it was in the mouth where the lymph glands are and this is, typically, a bad place for cancer because it can spread rapidly to other parts of the body through the lymphatic system. The doctor did say at one of our visits that Donald’s cells showed aggressive tendencies, however, for some reason were not spreading. I believe through prayer and these products that is why when we went back to the doctor to start radiation, they could no longer find the cancer cells. Ardyss LeVive is organic and is thought to neutralize free radicals (responsible for aging). I just wanted to share a story of recovery and success and that there are many natural cures for many diseases. I studied naturopathy when my daughter was a baby with the idea of quitting my accounting profession to become a naturopath.

Thanks for sharing Carrie’s story about her husband, that is truly amazing and a great review for what sounds like some fabulous products. Natural medicine does not stress the body so much and seems to me the way to go without destroying our bodies more. We are coming into a new age where natural and alternative things will reverse many diseases. I love to read stories like that Barbara because I am a true believer in Alternative Medicine and natural remedies. Some years ago I got involved with cancer patients who were doing the Gerson Therapy for cancer which is essentially a detox program. I love green foods and have tried a few over the years but I have not come across the Ardyss Green 29 that you mention or the Red LeVive for that matter. I have been considering going back to school for other alternative methods to include in my health coaching business. Hopefully, you've gone through each of the 9 natural remedies, along with clicking on the “where to get your cancer fighting nutrients from” link to put it all together and get yourself started. It also helps build your immune system (this I know for a fact in our family) and increases your energy. Throughout my training as a nurse I saw that, although doctors do some wonderful work, drugs never cure anything.
Through the group I met and heard of many who had recovered from cancer by doing the therapy.

I do, however, want to leave you with one final thought before we go…The cancer industry really wants you to believe that cancer is a very complex disease that can only be put into “remission”, not actually “cured”. The information provided is NOT intended to prevent, diagnose or treat any health condition nor is it implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. I didn’t like the idea of being hospitalized for 5 days and all that it entailed so refused and relied on the detox. But wherever you find lots of stagnant water, you will find algae growing and thriving.So think of cancer as algae. A simple change in my son’s diet to exclude wheat and dairy products advised by a homeopathic doctor cured the eczema as it has for many others.
Contrary to what researchers and the medical profession may be telling us, we are going backwards real fast with our current approach of orthodox treatments for cancer (the cut–burn-poison approach). Jones, a 40 year cancer researcher and Professor of Medical Physics and Physiology at Berkley, California, did an exhaustive 25 year study on the lifespan of cancer patients and discovered this shocking truth. Dr Jones stated, “People who refused treatment lived for an average of 12 and a half years.

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