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But here’s the most appalling of all statistics about conventional medical treatments for cancer… Untreated cancer patients do not die any sooner than patients who receive chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. I have had fibromyalgia for approximately 16 years & wondered if there was anything natural that would help with the chronic pain. Bernie invites you to a very special program with Jonathan Landsman, host of the NaturalNews Talk Hour. Paradoxically, we live in a world where medicine progresses every day but more and more people are getting sick and die from allegedly incurable diseases such as cancer. Ann Cameron, who is the author of 15 children`s books claims that she managed to cure her Stage 4 cancer with the help of carrots, without any changes in the diet. The baking soda is one of the most common and popular forms of treatment of cancer and many people who used it in combination with lemon juice have managed to beat the cancer. A German doctor and biochemist, named Johanna Budwig has developed a natural way of treating cancer with effect of 90% cure rate in a period of 50 years. The cannabis oil is definitely one of the most popular alternative cures for cancer but unfortunately it is illegal in most countries. Hopefully, you've gone through each of the 9 natural remedies, along with clicking on the “where to get your cancer fighting nutrients from” link to put it all together and get yourself started. Of the 12 most prevalent forms of cancer, the American Cancer Society estimates that there will be 1,326,728 (new) cases diagnosed with no end in sight. The fact is if a conventionally-trained physician suggested that a cancer patient seek alternative methods for treating cancer like, juicing, coffee enemas or other detoxification techniques – that doctor would face financial punishment and (possibly) jail time. According to the German scientist Otto Heinrich Warburg, winner of the Nobel Prize in 1923, a cure for cancer exists but this fact is ignored due to the pharmaceutical industry.
Warburg it is really important to note that the cancer doesn’t come from nowhere but there are a full range of circumstances that come together in order for this disease to develop.

The cancer was completely gone by July, 2013 and all swollen cancerous lymph nodes returned to normal.
The baking soda creates an alkaline environment in the body or an environment where cancer cannot grow. It contains sulforaphane, a substance which kills cancer cells and also stops them from growing and spreading throughout the body. She combined flaxseed oil and young cheese and made a mixture which is a very powerful natural remedy that effectively treats cancer. I do, however, want to leave you with one final thought before we go…The cancer industry really wants you to believe that cancer is a very complex disease that can only be put into “remission”, not actually “cured”. Thanks to that, we learn about the experiences of people from around the world who managed to beat cancer. The cancer appears in toxic organism, in an area of weakened immune system and in an organism which manifests a small amount of nutritional value and high acidity. Then, she came across the story of Ralph Cole, a person who managed to cure his cancer with the help of carrot juice. The story about Ann Cameron, the woman who managed to beat cancer with the help of carrot juice spread around the world.
It works in such a way that it kills the acidity in the organism and therefore, the cancer cannot survive. Even 90% of people who treated cancer with this alternative remedy managed to completely cure it. A Canadian nurse came across this recipe and she started to share it with patients who suffered from cancer.
The graviola kills cancer cells selectively and it is even up to 10,000 times stronger than adriamycin, a medication which is usually used in chemotherapy.

Some of the natural remedies are the ginger, pure Albanian kerosene, turmeric and the natural honey.
But wherever you find lots of stagnant water, you will find algae growing and thriving.So think of cancer as algae. All of these doctors, plus many other, have promoted the idea of treating disease with safe and effective natural protocols. They turned to alternative medicine and natural remedies at time when the medicine was proved powerless and had nothing else to offer. They don’t want to prevent and cure the cancer, but on the contrary their goal is to have more and more people treated in order to earn money, as stated above.
Even a small change in the diet in combination with baking soda has helped many people cure even the most serious malignant cancers. Contrary to what researchers and the medical profession may be telling us, we are going backwards real fast with our current approach of orthodox treatments for cancer (the cut–burn-poison approach). Jones, a 40 year cancer researcher and Professor of Medical Physics and Physiology at Berkley, California, did an exhaustive 25 year study on the lifespan of cancer patients and discovered this shocking truth. Nowadays, this substance is known as B17 and it can be found in the seeds of apples and other natural sources of this vitamin, but mainly in apricot.
People who consume these seeds on daily basis are known to be immune to cancer but it is also important to mention that even people suffering from cancer managed to eliminate it from their bodies with the help of the apricot seeds.

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