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National center for alternative medicine, alternative medicine for arthritis - How to DIY

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In 1992, Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) assigned $2 million of his discretionary funds to establish NCCAM's first incarnation: the Office of Unconventional Medicine, which was renamed the Office of Alternative Medicine (OAM). After 100 years and many trials, chiropractic manipulation has not been proven to influence the course of any disease and has not even been proven effective for treating back pain [2].
Wallace Sampson, MD is Editor of the Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine and Emeritus Clinical Professor of Medicine at Stanford University, where he teaches analysis of unfounded medical claims.
It has added evidence of ineffectiveness of some methods that we knew did not work before NCCAM was formed.
Edward Halperin, President of the North Carolina Medical Association called for disbanding OAM. They see that no sectarian or aberrant method has cured a single person or extended a life for as much as a day.
As for homeopathy, after 200 years and hundreds of studies, researchers cannot prove an effect for any homeopathic remedy for any condition. And $10 million is planned for research into herbs with their uncontrollable contents and unreliable results.

Spinal manipulation for low back pain: An updated systematic review of randomized clinical trials. NCCAM is presented as a scientific vehicle to study alternative medicine's anomalous methods. One influential Harkin collaborator and constituent was a travel agent for a Bahamas cancer clinic. After a dozen studies, prolonged survival from psychological support for cancer patients has been essentially disproved. Similarly troubling is NCCAM's awards of over $1 million into psychic healing, and $1.5 million for homeopathy.
And the Federal Trade Commission fined Harkin's bee pollen distributor, $200,000 for false claims. NCCAM could be dissolved, its functions returned to other NIH centers, with no loss of knowledge, and an economic gain. Congress, believing erroneously that public demand for unscientific services had increased, passed appropriations without a dissenting vote.

Some products have been adulterated with common pharmaceutical drugs that account for their apparent effects. Given hundreds of products and methods for hundreds of conditions, costs would be hundreds of billions to trillions of dollars over decades - all to prove what we already know. More public money for investigating methods with negligible promise is foolish economics and even more, is unwise public policy.
Then, as occurred after the negative Laetrile and vitamin C trials for cancer, advocates just think up new claims, or claim that the trials were rigged.

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