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Small white, grey or yellow sores can occur singly or in clusters anywhere in the mouth, inkling inside the cheeks and on the tongue.
The causes of common mouth ulcers, which are known as aphthous ulcers, include a vitamin deficiency, digestive upset, food sensitivity, infection, injury (such as biting the tongue or cheek) and poorly fitting dentures.
Mouth ulcers can pose quite a few problems, being painful every time you have to taken in something through the mouth. This is especially so because mouth ulcers are sometimes symptomatic of some other underlying illness like celiac disease. In addition to citrus fruits, there are other foods that cause acidity and so are not advisable to take when you have mouth ulcers.
Intake of foods that are rich in iron goes a long way in combating the mouth ulcers, particularly if you are having heavy monthly periods that deplete the body stores of iron, or symptoms of iron deficiency such as weakness, tiredness or breathlessness.

Deficiencies of vitamins like C and B12, and of minerals like zinc are thought to contribute to ulceration in the mouth. This Site will provide you with easy and helpful way on every human’s home remedies for mouth ulcers.
Often very painful, mouth ulcers affect about 20 percent of the population at any one time. Antiseptic essential oils, such as geranium, lavender, lemon, myrrh and tea tree, work well on ulcers caused by viral or bacterial infection. When you have mouth ulcers that are severe, recurrent or lasting more than 2 weeks, you need to seek consultation with a doctor.
The reason for this is that they are abrasive, and so lead to scratching and also scraping of the mouth ulcers.

Click Now If You Want to Know about Home Remedy various terms and solve your problem like health, beauty, common health and skin problem, regular medical treatments and medicines, home remedies for hangover etc. Occasionally ulcers are a sign of an underlying condition, such as tuberculosis, herpes simplex infection, celiac disease (intolerance of gluten, a cereal protein), Crohn’s disease, anemia or leukemia. You can soothe your mouth ulcers with a once or twice daily mouthwash or gargle of cold tea for its astringent effect.
Ass a few drops of tea tree, geranium, or lavender oil to a cup of warm water and use as a mouthwash three times a day.

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