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If you or someone you love is living with herpes, you already know about the embarrassment and painful outbreaks that are part of the package.
Made from nontoxic glycerin and lauric acid, monolaurin is an antiviral supplement that is used to treat all strains of the herpes virus and other viral infections such as measles. Destroying the genital herpes virus before it replicates and causes outbreaks is an extremely efficient way to manage herpes. Monolaurin is safe and there are no known side effects associated with consuming amounts found commonly in foods. In addition to a lauricidin regimen, there are complementary treatments you can use to boost your immune system and stave off herpes outbreaks.
Living with genital herpes presents enough challenges and issues to overcome without worrying about when you will suffer from your next uncomfortable, painful and embarrassing outbreak. Uncomplicated with no messy ointments or creams, no harsh toxins to ingest or unwanted side effects, managing herpes outbreaks can be possible with monolaurin and Lauricidin. Before you buy and begin a monolaurin herpes supplement treatment regimen, talk with your doctor to get guidelines on dosage and to make sure it is right for you.

Dosages of monolaurin herpes treatment should be personalized and begins with small doses to allow your physician to monitor your progress with Lauricidin herpes treatment and see if increases, decreases, frequency or other alterations need to be made with your prescription. Eating a diet high in lysine, an essential amino acid, can help increase your immunity and work in tandem with monolaurin to manage outbreaks. Manage your outbreaks and reduce their occurrence by using monolaurin to battle the virus before it attacks. Make an appointment with your primary health care provider today to talk about your genital herpes, outbreaks and interest in a monolaurin herpes protocol. Monolaurin is also said to be an immune system booster with the power to kill viruses and bacteria. Coconut oil is made primarily of lauric acid, the precursor to monolaurin, and has shown the same health benefits in clinical trials.
After a period of regular treatment, your doctor will move you into a maintenance dosage that will help you keep beneficial levels of monolauric acid.
There is no long term research concerning safety and monolaurin, so be sure to talk with your doctor to make sure you understand all the risks and guidelines of taking monolaurin.

Safe, effective, easy to take and with no known medical contraindications or side effects, monolaurin is a smart way to take back a little control in managing your genital herpes and outbreaks. While you may not be able to completely cure your genital herpes, you can manage and reduce the number of outbreaks you experience, improve your immune system, boost your overall health and quality of life through an easy to follow monolaurin herpes treatment protocol.
Before your start or stop a lauricidin herpes treatment regimen, be sure you talk with your doctor and follow their guidance and recommendations. Over-the-counter monolaurin supplements are available in pill form and should be taken with water and on a regular dosing schedule. I’m not sure if other similar monolaurin containing products work as well because I havent tried them.

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