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The care teams set up mobile clinics to treat workers in the bateys on sugar plantations in the Dominican Republic. What began with a small group of medical students interested in experiencing international medicine has evolved into an interprofessional medical mission that provides more than 1,500 patients with the only medical care they may receive in a year. GSN student Caitlin Jolda and SOM student Mike Grant worked on interprofessional care teams during their recent medical mission to the Dominican Republic. Today I am honored to be continuing our Medical Education Monday series with Medical School in the Dominican Republic. Doctors have to work a year for the government after graduation (another one year internship, now as a doctor and not a medical intern, in whichever hospital they require you to go to)* in order to get their exequatur (a written official recognition and authorization by the government to which one is accredited to work as a doctor in medicine). Well, the cost of medicine career here is about 500,000 RD$, that number into dollars must be around $13,158 USD.

The license, issued by the Florida State Medical Education Committee, acknowledges UNIBE Medical School’s level and standards for medical students to have the opportunity to continue their rotations and training in that state’s accredited health centers. Our Mind On Med guest blogger for today is Vera, a 21 year old medical student in the Dominican. You start pre-med after that – when I started pre-med was one year, but now it’s two, so you enter properly to med school at about 20 or 21 years old. Michele Pugnaire, MD, senior associate dean of educational affairs and professor of family medicine & community health, has been working with partners at Good Sam for many years and it was her experiences that inspired the original student group in 2006 to begin their own international outreach. She’s starting her 5th year of medicine and is still wide open on the specialty front, but has a special interest in Neurology. Everyday it’s a different subject, this semester includes Peds and childcare, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Imaging and Clinical Pathology, Family and Community Medicine and Preliminary Research.

I know that primary care fields (Family Medicine, Pediatrics) and Internal Medicine seem to be the most common that accept FMGs around here, but nationwide I’m not sure. I only started this blog in hopes of landing a role in a Lifetime movie so I could quit medicine and move to Hollywood, so if you wouldn't take medical advice from Angelina Jolie, you shouldn't take it from me. As happens every year, the clinics took place in whatever space was available—sometimes in schools or churches or even someone’s yard.

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