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Holick took a healing arts class with Robert Saper, a School of Medicine associate professor of family medicine and director of integrative medicine, known for his research involving yoga and lower back pain relief. That java-infused dream has become a reality since, as Mason, Holick, and a team of medical students lobbied for its creation. While yoga sessions for med students are not unique (the University of Connecticut Medical Center and Georgetown Medical School both offer them), teaching students about yoga’s physiological and neurological effects is. And there are stressors: according to a 2009 study in Academic Medicine, nearly 25 percent of medical school students will be depressed at some point during their education. Yoga therapist Heather Mason leads a breathing exercise before a yoga session designed for medical students at the School of Medicine. Breaths counted, Mason segues from the practice of yoga to a short dissertation on the neuroscience of yoga, something that has been studied by Chris Streeter, a MED associate professor of psychiatry and neurology.
Mason explains to the class how the ujjayi breath and the chiming work together, medically, to bring about a healthful biological balance of breath, heartbeat, and other functions.
Mason says the first goal of MED Yoga was to let doctors know how yoga could help their patients, but then she realized how it could help the doctors themselves.

That message resonates with Holick, who feels refreshed by yoga and has renewed faith in her career choice. For more information about the Embodied Health elective, visit the School of Medicine’s Enrichment site. Although her first year of medical school was brutal, leaving her stressed and questioning whether she had what it takes to be a doctor, her yoga practice helped her cope. He recommended that she meet Heather Mason, a yoga therapist and trainer interested in creating a class for medical students, an idea Holick had toyed with herself.
The Journal of the American Medical Association published a study in 2010 showing that the empathy medical students feel decreases as they progress through their four years.
In one study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, Streeter used magnetic resonance spectroscopy to explain why yoga practitioners report a greater improvement in mood and a decrease in anxiety than people who simply walked for relaxation.
One step toward stress physiology being a more central part of preventing disease and the practice of medicine. Mason will lead a weekly hour-long yoga session, followed by a half hour discussion of the practice’s medical benefits.

While she adjusted the sound, nearly three dozen students unfurled yoga mats toward a bank of windows facing the setting sun.
Streeter found that the yoga group had higher levels of the neurotransmitter gamma-amino butyric acid, or GABA, the likely cause of positive mood changes. Monash also is the only university in the world to offer a BMedSc (Clinical Yoga) as a research-based honours degree for medical students to explore evidence-based applications of yoga in clinical practice. A pilot of the elective, called MED Yoga, or Mind-Body Education and Development Yoga, ran this semester, quickly attracting a following of 30-plus students.

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