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Masters degree in herbal medicine, jaseng center for alternative medicine - How to DIY

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A career in Natural Medicine offers a holistic approach to disease prevention and overall wellness.
Since 1996, the University of Natural Medicine, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) institution, has been a leader in higher education in the field of Integrative and Natural Medicine.
Diploma and certification programs offer the student the opportunity to learn various modalities while continuing to practice or completing their degree program.

I graduated from the University of Natural Medicine in the year 2000 with a Doctor of Naturopathy.
Entering a career in Natural Medicine takes a long-term commitment to your education and to the purposeful work you must do post-graduation to build your practice. We offer online and distance learning programs individually designed and mentorship-focused Bachelor, Master and Doctorate Degree and Diploma Programs.

The University of Natural Medicine (UNM) provides a rigorous curriculum, conducted through distance education, aimed to prepare you to achieve your career goals and contribute to the expanding world of integrative, complimentary and natural medicine.

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