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Lemon balm – also known as Melissa officinalis, or just Melissa – is a popular natural treatment for herpes, both genital and oral herpes.
Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) is a hardy, vigorous herb that has grown around the Mediterranean for over 2000 years, and is now found all over the world (including North America), often growing wild. Several studies have shown that lemon balm has a definite anti-viral effect on the herpes simplex virus, and in general, seems to reduce the severity of herpes symptoms.
One double-blind study from 1994 followed 116 people with either oral or genital herpes, who were either assigned to a treatment group and given standardised lemon balm cream (70:1 extract of leaves), or to a placebo group and given a placebo cream.
In another double-blind study, 66 patients with a history of oral herpes were similarly assigned to either a treatment group or a placebo group, and given standardised lemon balm or placebo cream, which they applied to the affected area four times daily for five days.
A recent study from 2008 showed that Melissa officinalis (lemon balm) essential oil acts to strongly inhibit the herpes simplex virus in a laboratory study (in vitro). Although we don’t know the exact mechanism, lemon balm oil is known to contain several active known anti-viral agents such as polyphenols, terpenes and tannins, which seem to work together to block the infectivity of the herpes simplex virus and stop it entering your cells. Lemon balm may help as a general preventative for herpes if you drink it regularly as a tea. If you’re a gardener, lemon balm is easy to grow for yourself – it thrives in a wide range of climate conditions. If you prefer, you can buy lemon balm essential oil (which is stronger than the infusion) or an ointment, either of which are ready to use for external application. If this is your first visit to Herpes Cure Breakthrough, please take a moment to look around.
Whether you are first time cold sore sufferer or suffer recurrences regularly for a short or long time, if you are using common cold sore treatments sold by pharmacies without satisfying results, don't get frustrated. This virus can be stopped quite easily, by coming to terms with what can be done and by making inexpensive and effective cold sore treatment at home.
Please let your friends and family know about these pages in the faster rate than the herpes virus spreads among human population. A cold sore also known as fever blisters and herpes is a recurrent viral infection, caused by the herpes simplex virus. Applying of the below mentioned treatment in first stage shows effective improvement after the first application.
If you made yourself your own remedy late when already in this third stage then the treatment applications will again speed up the healing process and the scab will form much faster. Without the treatment applications the scab is bulky, hard and dry, you can't open your mouth to eat or to laugh as it tends to crack and bleed, prolonging the healing process. Do not pick or play with the blister or scab, and always wash your hands after applying the treatment or use cotton buds.
Do not practice oral s+ e+ x+ if you have an active cold sore as it will cause genital herpes.
Now, the aim of treatment of cold sores is to shorten the current attack and most importantly to prevent recurrences. Melissa officinalis herb, or better known as Lemon Balm probably originates from Asia, but has grown around Mediterranean for several thousand years.

Trials were conducted in Germany, where Lemon Balm cream was used on the patients at the time of the initial herpes infection. Recent medical research shown that there is another well known herb that can be used effectively to fight the herpes virus. If you suffer an outbreak and don't have treatment on hand, the fastest way to prepare it is to make hot infused oil. If you are interested in planting and harvesting Lemon Balm yourself, the best time to plant Lemon Balm seeds in autumn or spring. So far I have talked about the medicinal uses of Lemon Balm, now I will tell you about it's culinary uses. As previously mentioned the key prevention and control of herpes infection is enhancement of the immune system. The obvious goal of the treatment is to shorten the duration as much as possible and prevent further recurrences. Also daily intake of immune function enhancing nutrients such as Olive Leaf Extract, herbs such as Echinacea or Astragalus are very important in prevention and treatment of cold sores.
To link to this cold sore virus stoping and prevention - information on herpes and effective treatment from A to Z page from your website, only cut and paste the following code into your web page. The treatment was begun within 72 hours of the first indication of symptoms, and continued for 5-10 days, with the cream being applied 2-4 times per day. However, the best way to use lemon balm for herpes is to apply it topically, whether as an oil, an infusion wash, or a cream or ointment. At the first sign of a flare-up of genital or oral herpes, apply your lemon balm cream or oil to the places you feel burning or itching, and repeat this 4-5 times each day. Making a treatment is very simple; however it works powerfully, and can bring noticeable benefit right from a first application. The herpes virus will attach to glass, or cutlery while eating and drinking, to a towel, toothbrush or can be carried on hands. Do everything possible to create a good sleeping environment for yourself, your child or anyone who fights the herpes virus.
A diet low in arginine and high in L-lysine has become a very popular addition to the treatment of the herpes virus. Rather then any single antiviral chemical, Lemon Balm contains several components that work together to prevent the virus from infecting the human cells. The studies were done in three different hospitals and demonstrated that not a single recurrence occurred, in other words, by using this cream not a single person with a first herpes outbreak developed another cold sore.
This herb is called Prunella vulgaris, commonly known as Self-heal, or lately called the "Herbal Herpes Cure." It contains the compound called Lignin-Carbohydrate which has ability to act on herpes virus by inhibiting viral binding and penetration into host cell.
You can easily plant your own Lemon Balm, maybe it is already part of your garden, so all you need to do is just harvest it and make your own remedy.
It’s a member of the mint family, and the leaves, which contain the active ingredients, have a pleasant lemony mint smell when crushed. Healing was rated as “very good” by 41% from the lemon balm treatment group, and only by 19% from the placebo group (p=0.022).

Even when you treat it with common cold sore treatments and don't watch the other triggers during this time, such as your diet, stress levels, lack of sleep, exposure to sun, the virus will push through again and the outbreak and healing process becomes longer. This treatment application allows you to be able to laugh and stretch your lips without danger of cracking the scab.
The herb contains polyphenols, which combat the herpes simplex virus by relieving the cold sore symptoms,shortening their duration and reducing the chances of further outbreaks. These particular trials also showed that Lemon Balm also rapidly interrupted the infection and promoted healing of the blisters much more quickly then normal.
You can see the recent studies performed on how this herb can be effective in fighting herpes virus on Pubmed.org. If you plant Lemon Balm near your kitchen window as it has powerful insect-repellent effects and will chase away unwanted insects such as flies and mosquitoes. This combined approach plus appropriate nutritional supplements can be very effective in reducing severity, shortening the duration and preventing the recurrences of herpes infections. The Lemon Balm helped the cold sore heal completely within 5 days and as you know it normally takes about 10-14 days for a cold sore to heal entirely. One of the main constituents in Lemon Balm and Prunella is Rosmarinic Acid, which has strong anti-viral activities.
They regarded Lemon Balm as elixir of life for body and soul, driving out depression and reinvigorating the body.
Now when they studied Lemon Balm actions in people with recurrent cold sores, the researches found out that if the suffering person used Lemon Balm cream regularly, they would either stop having recurrences or there was huge reduction in the frequency of the recurrences (on average a cold sore free period longer then 3.5 months). Keep in mind, that you can use any herb you like following the same instructions for Lemon Balm ointment. Starting the treatment early will prevent the cold sore from appearing and will destroy the virus affecting nerves. At this point I decided to try to make myself a treatment that could help me to get rid of unwanted and unpleasant cold sores which were controlling my life when an outbreak occurred.
It doesn't end here; Lemon Balm can also be useful for digestive problems caused by over-anxiety, indigestion, acidity, nausea, and bloating as well as colicky pain. The instruction are always the same and if you like the Lemon Balm preparation you can make for yourself other tinctures and ointments for other conditions as well. The standard dose with lemon balm ointment is to apply it during the outbreak 4 times a day. To us cold sore sufferers the one that is of high importance is that it is very effective in preventing and treating many types of viral infections, including most influenza and common cold viruses and herpes viruses. Before I tell you how to make your own treatment from Lemon Balm, let me tell you more about this great herb.

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