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National Integrated Health Associates (NIHA) are leaders in holistic & integrative medicine and biological dentistry. Integrative doctors blend the best of western medicine and safe, proven complementary and alternative therapies to help the body heal. Integrative medicine looks at the patient holistically, and may assess a patient in different ways in addition to traditional medical examinations and lab tests. We have produced a bundle of 4 videos of the Integrative Medicine Part 2 sessions recorded at our three day Washington, D.C. Health care reform is on the way, and the Institute of Medicine has begun to grasp the consumer demand for patient-centered health care. The symposium included presentations and panel discussions by some of the most influential integrative physicians in this country.

The discussions focused on the potential of creating an integrated model of medicine that could improve our current health care system. Universal themes that were generally agreed upon suggested that integrative medicine focuses on preventive maintenance of health by attention to all relative components of lifestyle, including diet, exercise, stress management, and emotional well-being.
The Institute of Medicine, established in 1970 under a charter of the National Academy of Sciences, serves as an adviser to the nation to improve health and health care. In addition, other practitioners from across the country, I included, were given the ability to voice their opinion, as a matter of public record, to discuss existing systems of integrative medicine that currently exist and work in our communities.
Contact your Congressional representatives and senators and let them know how important you find the role of integrative medicine in this country and its ability to truly address the causes of chronic disease. Keri Marshall is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in pediatrics, women’s medicine, and chronic disease management.

Both speakers and attendees felt that embracing integrative medicine could improve the outcomes and efficiency of the health care system in America. Preventive medicine is the key to lowering health care cost in this nation and improving quality of life for all. As a result of this mission statement, the Institute convenes annually and this year, in Washington, DC, for their annual symposium, they assessed the value of integrative medicine and its potential role in overcoming the current fragmented health care delivery system.

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