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We work with you to discover the cause of your pain and engage you in your own health care so we can treat the whole you.We do this through our integrative method, which allows our team to work within the many dimensions of wellness, providing you with a balanced pathway to reach your goals.
Clinical researchers discovered that treating the mind, body and spirit through integrative medicine often results in permanent solutions to acute, chronic or life-threatening injuries.
We combine diagnostic testing with complementary approaches, such as acupuncture, chiropractic techniques, massage, nutrition, soft-tissue therapy, and stress-reduction strategies to deliver a comprehensive solution to your health problems.An Integrated Philosophy on HealthOur Medical Director, Dr.

Charbel Harb, believes that optimum health can only be truly achieved through all-encompassing integrated modalities that combine conventional medicine and state-of-the-art science with clinically tested and proven complimentary therapies. Charbel Harb is a licensed chiropractic physician and the Medical Director of Integrated Health Solutions. Our greatest pleasure is bringing joy to our patients and helping them to fully embrace life, allowing them to enjoy each day: active, healthy and pain free.

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