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How to treat herpes simplex on lips, reduce herpes outbreaks - How to DIY

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According to a recent study that was carried out by the CDC (Center for Disease Control), it was discovered that a majority of people in the US contract Herpes Labialis by the age of 20. In contrast to the Herpes Simplex Virus – Type 2, the condition cannot be transmitted from mother to child during birth. Other signs and symptoms associated with Herpes Labialis are sores and blisters on the lips and inside the mouth.

Treatment of the Herpes Labialis is usually completed by administering antiviral medications.
This is an infection of the mouth as well as the lips triggered primarily by a particular type of virus known as HSV-1 (Herpes Simplex Virus – Type 1).
However, it is important to point out that the condition is quite contagious and can be transmitted from one person to the other through kissing.

The virus is known to trigger painful sores not only on the lips, but tongue, cheeks, gums and palate.

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